Review: Peripera My Color Lips in 18 Soul Coral

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Phew! I can finally get this post off my chest (and out of my drafts) now. ≧∇≦

This is a continuation from my previous review, where I bought 2 of the Peripera My Color Lips lipsticks from a Gmarket spree. The lipstick shade I'm reviewing today is #18 Soul Coral.

The lipstick is packaged in a metallic pink cardboard box that has lace flower patterns printed on it. The packaging of the lipstick is really the highlight of the entire product. It has a pink plastic slip-on cover that has a pattern of lace and flowers with silver accents. The tube itself is metallic light pink all over with a cookie-shaped ridged handle at the end, making it convenient to hold when pulling off the plastic cover.

Just like the other shades, there's no official description of the lipstick colour, so my best bet is to say that #18 Soul Coral more of a dark coral than the ones we're used to, with more than a hint of brown. It is definitely much darker than #27 Holy Coral, which leans more orange. It has some slight golden shimmer within, similar to #10 Rose Pink, giving it more depth and shine compared to the regular creme finish.

Notice the slight golden shimmer
Here's a comparison photo between Soul Coral and Cherry Pink. You can see the golden shimmer in Soul Coral, while Cherry Pink is a vibrant crimson creme.
Soul Coral (left) & Cherry Pink (right) - click for larger image
Hand and paper swatches below to show what it looks like.
Swatched on hand (left) and white paper (right)
Here's how it looks like on the lips.
Lip swatch for #18 Soul Coral
I'm not very fond of dark or brown-hued lip colours, so I find that applying a single layer of Soul Coral and then blending it out using a lip brush looks the most flattering on me. The golden shimmer looks very nice up-close, and the overall result is a pretty red-coral shade. A light hand and a lip brush is how I prefer to use this particular colour.

Of course, the rose scent gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside every time I open up the lipstick. (✿ ♥‿♥)

✓ Pros: Gorgeous packaging, great colour payoff, lovely rose scent, moisturizing formula, generous amount of product (3.5g), wide variety of colours, good lasting power.
✗ Cons: Packaging is bulky, higher price point, not easily available outside of Korea, colour will settle into lines on dry lips.

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Ahleessa said...

Omg, I want this just for the packaging. I'm such a sucker!... hehe~

LauraLeia said...

Ahleessa: You definitely won't regret buying it! XD