October 2013 Shopping Hauls

♫ 정준영 Jung Joon Young- 이별 10분 전 (The Sense of an Ending)

Yup, this is my sorry excuse for a blog post because I haven't had time to take photos or test out products properly due to a recent work commitment. So I'm just gonna show you what bargains I managed to nab so you'll drool all over your keyboard. Also, I figured a lot of girls would love to grab some of these amazing deals while they're still available. (*´∀`*)

Cut to the chase: nail polish.
And boy did my 'eyes gleam with excitement and voice coated with glee' when I shared this news with Sarah from LashesAndStrokes, who is a total nail polish maniac like me. :D

Girls, you may scream now.
Note: The above promotion is only valid from Friday - Sunday until the end of November 2013. While stocks last.

It was total serendipity last Friday, because a friend suddenly changed our meetup venue to 1 Utama, which is much closer to my house and had an Etude House outlet. Serendipity x2 when the store manager called me that very afternoon while I was walking around 1U to inform me that my prize was ready for collection from their outlet. (☆^ー^☆) The damage from Etude House that day? Check it out below.

1st day of November and this is the damage already done.
  • Eyelash curler RM 6.90 (buy 1 free 1)
  • Nail polish remover RM 12.90 (buy 1 free 1)
  • Peel-off base coat RM5
  • Matte top coat RM5 each - bought these from Paradigm Mall outlet
  • Glitter polish RM5
  • Ice-cream polish RM3
  • Color Pop nail polish RM5 each
  • Neon purple nail polish RM5
Collected my prize from the MY ETUDE HOUSE Facebook contest at 1U, which was a & Rose Flowering nails set. The darker rose red colour is particularly pretty!

& Rose Flowering nails

Now, I dislike Vincci shoes because they always hurt my feet, but their accessories are an entirely different matter. I love going to their 70% off rack to see what I can find there, and to my surprise last week, there was an RM5 rack there!
RM 5 each!
These 3 items were RM 5 each, can you believe it? Sunglasses, wrap chain bracelet, and green lightning watch. The watch was one I had been eyeing since I saw it, and now it's finally mine! I am a happy bargain hunter.
As a necklace.
Or a wrapped bracelet.
The wrap chain bracelet (original retail price RM 89) is versatile too, because it can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. Pretty awesome.

Okay, the final one. Bought some mint ripped jeans and a couple of bracelets from Forever 21, Midvalley. All for RM70. You do the math.
Finally got a pair of mint pants OMG YAY
The upper floor is where they put their clearance/discount items, so don't say I didn't warn ya. Ψ(`▽´)Ψ

Last but not least, rocker chic, anyone? I had a refund for an item on Qoo10, so I decided to use the credit to get this rocker/gothic style bracelet instead. Comes with a watch charm so I can replace my regular white Swatch for it occasionally.

Are you hands itching to grab them now? Don't worry, the weekend is almost here. (¬‿¬)


cindy said...

wah buy so many things...good deal ah..too bad i cant shop anymore!!!!!

little miss smexy said...

NOOO... i hate u laura! :P


Jane Fong said...

Love your vincci necklace/bracelet so much n totally can't believe it costs you RM5 only! *Jaw dropping*


lashesandstrokes said...

I love that 2in1 bargain you gotten from Vincci! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

I like the watch! and oh my, I shall resist myself from visiting Etude House this month :P

Michelle Tang said...

The nail polishes that you got look great. :) I still haven't had the opportunity to buy the matte top coat.

Camy said...

like the mint pants! :D

LauraLeia said...

Cindy: We can always find an excuse to shop wan!! :P


Jane: Haha thanks! Yup, it was a total steal. :D

Sarah: Score! kan? :P

Hilda: It's hard to resist, i tell you! XD

Michelle: I'm gonna experiment more with glitter polishes and the matte top coat now :D

HerYuan: Hehe thanks! They're really comfy too :D

Anonymous said...

Cool haul, Laura! Love your blog! It's so colourful and you have great pictures!
It was so nice to meet you at the Hamleys meet! Hope to see you again and can't wait to read your post about the 1-Utama Food blogging challenge! Have fun!