I dreamed of being a pilot when I was little.

A frequent flyer when I was a kid, I was always in awe and a little in love with the handsome pilots in uniform that I saw walking past me in the airport. They seemed so confident, striding through the terminal with an air bordering on arrogance, while the stewardesses with their perfect smiles and modelesque figures seemed like celebrities walking on a runway.

I wanted to be one of them. Not one of the pretty stewardesses, but one of them - the flying elite, the pilots.

Years have passed and so do dreams. Looking at all the news regarding the missing flight MH370, my heart goes out to all those on board the flight and their family members.

There are many who are starting to blame the pilots of MH370 for being incompetent and useless, but put yourselves in their shoes and you might have a different perspective. I imagine this situation is every flight crew's worst nightmare, something that will haunt them for the rest of their lives if they manage to survive while others didn't. For some passengers, it might have been their first flight; for others, it might have been their n-th time on a plane, same old same old. We never expect things like this to happen, (almost) literally a bolt out of the blue.

It's been 3 days since the plan went missing. Now it's hoping against hope that MH370 and all onboard will be found soon.


Anonymous said...

I was overseas when I first head this piece of news and had flown across almost the very same flight path days earlier. I saw this piece of news over breakfast and just one hour after the flight did not land in Beijing at its designated arrival time. I feared the worst and the news made me cry. The unimaginable has happened. This is so very, very sad. Rest in Peace, MH370.

Ahleessa said...

When I heard the news, I was like how could something that big go missing. Now that it has stunk in, it makes me sad knowing the youngest was 5 months. :(


Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

That is a lovely dream!!
I hope the will be a miracle for all those families and friends waiting for their loved ones return!

恵美より ♥

Unknown said...

I think we think very alike, about the "flying elite". The pilots and stewardesses are like celebrities and I wish I could be part of that world, that's probably why I love to fly and just go the airport.
But events like this really are unexpected. Airplane is the safest way to travel, but when something happens, it's really huge and terrible :/ I really hope they will find it soon.


Shayne ♥ said...

so sorry to hear this laura, will be praying with you, hope well hear good news about this soon.

Sakuranko said...

This is very hard sweetie, be pilot wow an amazing dream. I´m praying for they.

MITCH said...

I really hope that the plane will be found soon :(
Let's not lose our hope, #prayformh370 and all of their family members.

Prayers from Indonesia!

Unknown said...

I agree with you completely :c It's scary to think that a whole entire plane went missing with all those people with their own lives on it. I hope it can be found soon along with everyone on it<3
-Kiyomi xx