Review: Chu Lip Lip Balm in Arabian, Floral Shower (Purple)

♫ 林俊傑 - 手心的薔薇

Tulip? No, it's Chu Lip! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

With the new Chu Lip, applying lip balm is fun, unique and amazingly kawaii! Mentholatum's latest offering is not only functional and cute, it's also a play on words - 'chu' チュッ means kiss in Japanese, and is the perfect description of this quirky cute lip balm which perfectly kisses your lips. Add to that its fun dome-shaped design and sweet pastel colours, and you'll never forget to apply your lip balm!

Chu Lip lip balm range
All Chu Lip lipbalms are formulated with a delicious blend of recipes as well as enhanced with moisturizing ingredients of Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Hip Oil for happy and healthy lips. The Chu Lip lip balm range comes in 4 pretty pastel colours with its own unique fragrance:
  • Paris, Perfect Memories (Pink) - sweet raspberry and peach
  • NY, Brilliant My Way (Red) - fruity apple, ginger and tea rose
  • Arabian, Floral Shower (Purple) - floral rose, germanium and clove
  • Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (Green) - refreshing orange, lime and mango
Chu Lip purple Arabian, Floral Shower
I have here the purple Chu Lip which is Arabian, Floral Shower. It is the only one that has a floral scent (rose, germanium and clove) with a slight tinge of sweetness.

Kinda looks like a lychee or longan, haha!
The ergonomic sphere-shaped balm enables you to apply it in a single 'kiss', and the wide round surface allows you to apply a sufficient amount each time. It is quite big, fitting snugly in the palm of my hand, and the container is smooth, matte plastic with a screw cap closure.

( ˘ ³˘)✿
I like how easy it is to apply the lip balm without having to use a mirror. (Well, okay, for lip balms you usually don't have to, since it's clear/transparent, but I really dislike getting lip balm on the skin outside my lip line.) The balm is moisturizing, and doesn't feel sticky or heavy on the lips. The sweet floral scent is lovely, although I am still not a big fan of the slightly cooling menthol feeling. (⌒_⌒;) This Chu Lip definitely gets a thumbs up from me!

Just look at it! For a person who loves anything cute and pastel, this Chu Lip lip balm ticks all the right boxes, and then some. Not only does it make applying lip balm fun, the cute container can be displayed as a decorative item on your desk, a reminder to apply it every once in a while. (✿◠‿◠)

Chu Lip range
The Chu Lip (7g) lip balms will be available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM25.90 each.

*PR sample


Wandee Rach said...
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cindy said...

i also like this balm...and i suka the minty feeling leh dear!

Street Love said...

I think I'm 1/3 done with the Pink Chu Lip :D . I have this purple on standby heeeee!

Bijin Blair said...

I don't know how I feel about applying something with a floral scent on my lips (but that is because I am used to the fruity/foody ones).

But maaan, you are right! That packaging is a killer! So cute that I keep it by my side!

LauraLeia said...

Wandee: Hey Wandee, thanks for dropping by! ^^ You've got a really nice blog there, keep it up!

Cindy: Hahaha you and me same, mint lovers yo!

Street Love: Walao you use so fast! I don't think I've ever finished a lip balm in my life, coz I hardly use them, haha~

Blair: Well, it's not TOO floral, more like floral sweet, so it's not too bad. XD