Review: Miss Tiara LipIce Color Gloss in "Sugar Pink"

雪の華 (Various Versions)

Mention tiaras, and what comes to mind immediately would be pretty princesses in beautiful gowns, right? Well, while we all can't be royalty for real, we can definitely dress and make-up like a princess, complete with pretty dresses and dazzling accessories. (。✪‿✪。)ノ

Offering you more than matching jewelries, Mentholatum introduces its Miss Tiara LipIce Color Gloss; a lip gloss that gives the lips a moisture-rich, shimmering shine and glitziness just like a precious jewel - perfect for any princess!
Miss Tiara LipIce Color Gloss in "Sugar Pink"
With a glide of Miss Tiara LipIce Color Gloss, your lips will get a shimmery coat of soft translucent colour. It has a moisturizing formula enriched with hydrating ingredients for intensive moisture, containing key ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe extracts and macadamia seed oil. These ingredients supply sufficient moisture to the lips allowing it to plump up for fuller luscious-looking lips. The vitamin E also prevents UV-induced free-radical damage to the skin. The lip gloss is formulated to be weightless; its light, non-sticky texture making it comfortable to wear. It also comes with a fresh fruity scent for an added juiciness to the lips.
Miss Tiara LipIce Color Gloss in "Sugar Pink"
Miss Tiara LipIce Color Gloss
Normal plastic squeeze tube with slanted applicator
The shade I have is "Sugar Pink", a sweet red-pink gloss with very fine shimmer. The packaging is a normal plastic squeeze tube with a screw cap and slanted applicator. The designs on the tube fit the 'princess' theme very well, with a tiara and ribbon design, and the product name and shade printed on it. One thing that surprised me was how tiny the tube was (it's only 7g). (⌒_⌒;)

Swatched on hand
Applied on the lips
Despite its small size (which I actually like because it's small enough to fit even in clutches, and honestly I don't use lip gloss that often so it's the perfect amount for me), I quite like this lip gloss as it gives my lips a nice glossy shine and has a nice fruity [watermelon?] scent. Sure, it is slightly tacky, but not sticky like hair-stuck-to-lips kind of sticky. It gives a very sheer pink tint to the lips, and the fine shimmer is all but noticeable when applied.

Miss Tiara LipIce Color Gloss (7g) is available in three variants: Cherry, Pearl Pink and Sugar Pink. It is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarkets at RM 14.90 each.

*This item was provided for PR purposes.

OXY Acnoplex Formula Skincare Range For Clear, Smooth & Healthy Skin!

OXY has been the household name for combating acne-prone skin since I can remember, and they've been constantly reinventing and improving their products to offer better solutions to acne problems year after year.

If you still have problems with those pesky zits, there's good news for you - OXY has a new and effective solution to fight pimples and blemishes while at the same time improving your skin condition for clearer, smoother and healthier skin.
OXY Acnoplex range
Introducing the new Oxy Acnoplex formula, with 4X acne fighting power formula to help keep skin clear and blemish-free with 4 targeted actions:
  • Fights Pimples – Contains isopropyl methylphenol and salicylic acid which helps to remove dead skin cells, and penetrate deep into pores to unclog pores and fight pimples. 
  • Lightens Pimple Marks – With cantella asiatica extract to help lighten pimple marks and dark spots and revitalize the skin for a fresher look. 
  • Oil Control – with 5α Avocuta (avocado extract) that controls excess oil secretion and yet is gentle on skin. Excess oil on the skin can trap dirt and clog-up pores which may lead to pimples. 
  • Hydration - with olive oil and seaweed extract that has ultra-moisturising properties to relieves dry skin from deep within the pores and maintains moisture balance. A balance-moisturised skin will help to control excess oil/sebum production.

There are 4 products in the new OXY Acnoplex formula range, including:

Deep Cleansing Wash 
50g (RM 8.50) & 100g (RM 13.90) 

Acne Control Whitening Wash
50g (RM 8.50) & 100g (RM 13.90) 

Acne Control Toner
150 ml (RM 13.90) 

Acne Control Moisturizer
45g (RM 14.90) 

The OXY Acnoplex formula range is now available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

*Items were provided for PR purposes.

The Butterfly Project Christmas Beauty Box: Part One - Shizens Lip Tattoo Review

♫ Fall Out Boy - Centuries

Hello, my lovely peeps! Gosh, it's almost the end of January and here I am with my very first post of the year! Σ(゜ロ゜;)
I promise I will make up for the lack of updates with a whole bunch of posts before the month is over. *bows in apology* o;(_ _)o; Without further ado, let's see what I have to share with you today~

If you've noticed in the local beauty blogosphere lately, there have been many reviews of the Shizens Lip Tattoo. It was one of the items we received in The Butterfly Project's Christmas Beauty Box, and now I'm chipping in with my two cents about this product.

Shizens' best-selling Lip Tattoo
The Shizens Lip Tattoo is one of Shizens' most popular and best-selling products. I have always seen them promoting it at their outlets and also online, and it has received positive reviews from users (not only bloggers), which is a big thumbs-up in my book. It helps to add a spread of moisture to the lips and relieves the formation of fine lines. It helps to lighten dark pigmented lips and gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones.

What does the Shizens Lip Tattoo do?
Ingredients list
I promise you, the best thing about the Shizens Lip Tattoo is that it is perfect even for those who abhor makeup products. It keeps your lips moisturized without the balmy/sticky texture of lip balm/gloss, helps to lighten pigmented lips (either from frequent lipstick application or daily habits such as smoking), and gradually restores your lips' natural pinky rosy tone (no need for lip tints!). Besides that, it it also scentless and tasteless, and can act as a base for other lip products like lipstick, lip tints or lip gloss.

The Lip Tattoo comes with a doe-foot applicator
It's packaged like a regular lip gloss (or the now-popular liquid lipsticks) and comes with a standard doe-foot applicator. The product looks white in the tube, but applies as a clear layer with a glossy shine and slightly slippery texture, which turns into a pink or rosy hue depending on your natural lip colour. On me, it changes into a rosy shade due to my pigmented lips.

Swatch on hand
Lip swatches
However, after about an hour it tends to lose the shine and rosy tint, so you can either re-apply the lip tattoo or apply some lip balm on top.

Ever since the beginning of the year, I've greatly cut down on my makeup routine, so this lip tattoo has been a life(lip?)-saver for when I'm going out to run some errands, as it gives me natural-looking rosy lips. Add a few pats of my BB cushion, a swipe of blusher and I'm good to go. :)

Shizens Lip Tattoo retails at RM168 a tube and is available at all Shizens outlets and kiosks nationwide.

*Product was provided for review as part of The Butterfly Project's Christmas Beauty Box.