Of Weddings and Roses

♫ W-inds - Be As One

Attended the first wedding dinner for 2011 on Sunday. It was held at Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur and it was a pretty grand affair, with a cocktail party before the dinner so guests could mingle and catch up with each other. =)

We left the house early to beat the KL traffic and to stop at KLCC to shop for me to go to Kinokuniya. =P

When we arrived at the hotel ballroom, it was already pretty full. Lingered around the lounge area where everybody was congregating for about 40minutes before taking our seats inside. Mum was happy because she got to meet several of her primary school classmates and even a beloved teacher. 

Got a seat facing the stage.
Table 31. Aisle seat. Oh yes~
One of the 2 types of door gifts. This box contains a slice of fruit cake.
This square box contains a yummy piece of heart-shaped chocolate.
Candles and flowers make for a very romantic setting.

The happy couple! ^^
The first course was absolutely delicious!
Alright. I pinched a couple of flowers from the arrangements. 

It was a good night. Everybody was happy, I had more than enough to eat (unfortunately for me, for the next 2 days =__=) and it's a good start to the new year.

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chiwayu said...

so nice~~~~
*i shud have pinch some roses from the arrangement on the last wedding i attend = =+