Diva Accessories Haul

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Listening to this song makes me feel like an Assassin, wtf. Completely unrelated to this post, but I just had to mention it.

Well then, on to the post. On Saturday, I went down to KL with my bro to pick up his laptop. After that, I wanted to go check out the branded fashion clearance in Fahrenheit88, so we walked the few blocks there. I didn't expect to have to queue up to enter the event hall because it was already the 2nd day, but luckily the line wasn't very long.

I had read Jess' post on the sale and was interested in getting myself some accessories from Diva. :D There were racks and racks of clothes on clearance there, all from popular brands such as Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and a few others, but they weren't really my style so I just browsed around. Picked up a pair of really cute skorts, but it was too expensive even after the discount. T_T

It was pretty crazy at the Diva corner, as many people were squeezed there, choosing from the huge mound of accessories in the clearance tables. It was basically sweep/dig, pick up something, throw away if you don't like it or stash it in your plastic bag if it looks like a possible buy. Rinse and repeat.

My Diva accessories haul

About 40 minutes later, I came out with 5 accessories and RM50 lighter, lol. All the accessories were RM10 each.

Big bow bangle (Usual price RM 36)
Seriously, this one was like a dream come true! Okay maybe not that dramatic, but close. I'm crazy about accessories with bows and ribbons, and I fell in love with this bangle when I was browsing in Diva a couple of weeks back. I saw the price tag and was like "Y U SO EXPENSIVE! T_T" and put it back in disappointment. Super happy that I managed to dig this one up. It totally goes with my long necklace and ribbon bow ring. ♥

Long cream cord necklace with clear beads (Usual price RM 15)
Price stated was RM15, but I think that was its in-store sales price as the original price tag was covered by a sticker. This one was another good find. All the items were neatly packaged in plastic, so I picked this one up because I thought it looked nice. (I went to a corner later to open check all the items I'd chosen, lol.) The clear beads are very shiny and go well with the accent pewter-coloured flat beads. This piece will look nice with all my plain coloured blouses. :)

Off white satin headband (Usual price RM 29)
I love Diva headbands. I have one polka dot one (you can see it on my previous post) which I wear most often, because it's cute and really comfortable. There were several designs there at the clearance, but most of them didn't really appeal to me except this one.

Layered bead necklace with matching earrings (Usual price AUD 14.99)
Not sure how much this one was in MYR, because there was no price tag in Ringgit. I normally wouldn't really reach for something like this, but the red colour really caught my eye. I love the simple design with a bold yet understated kind of red, which would be suitable for most occasions, casual or formal. Plus, it comes with matching earrings!

Pearly chunky bangle (Usual price RM 53)
This is probably the most expensive and extravagant piece of the lot. It's very big and heavy, with a design that practically screams "Look at me! Look at me!". Not for the faint of heart or thin of wrist, this is definitely a statement piece for any outfit. The underlying chains and huge metal bangle give it an edgy feel, while the pearls soften the effect with its girly vibe. I love this, but I really wonder when I'll be wearing this out. =/

That's all for today. If you went to the fashion clearance at Fahrenheit88 too, what did you manage to get? Do share with me! :)


Xue Ren said...

I like the Pearl bangle! so elegant! :)

Mabel Lai said...

I likey all the accessories you bought! Nice!!

Jessying said...

ah i wish i got time to browse through the accesories.. i was busy shopping for dress... haha i like your pearl braclet, very very nice!!!

Jothi said...

Lovely, lovely accessories, I especially like the necklace with the red beads.

LauraLeia said...

Xue Ren: Yeah, i like it too! But very big and heavy, lol.
Mabel: Thank you! ^^
Jess: The dresses you got were awesome! Wish I could have gone on the first day too, haha. Yeah, the pearl bracelet seems to be quite popular, lol...
Jothi: Thank you~ :) Yes, the red one is nice, but I decided to give it away as a Christmas present. ^^

MEOW said...

cute accessories!!
ur bow bangle matches with my bow ring! :)

LauraLeia said...

MEOW: Haha, yeah, that's what i thought too when I saw your bow ring! :D

Katie said...

Absolutely LOVE the Bow Bangle!! they have an awesome metal and pearl one at www.charliandbelle.com you would love!!