Review and Swatch: L.A. Girl 10 Color Palette - Prism

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I had been eyeing the L.A. Girl 10 Color Palette ever since I saw it in Singapore back in August, but I hesitated from buying it because it was S$15. On my recent trip to Singapore for AFA 2011, I was in Plaza Singapura where there was a SaSa clearance sale going on, and to my delight, I saw the palettes going for S$12 each! Of course, I grabbed the one I was lemming for - L.A. Girl 10 Color Eye Palette in Prism.

Look at it! The colours are absolutely gorgeous, aren't they? I was deciding between Colorsurge and Prism, but chose Prism in the end because the colours were more 'softer' and more to my liking.

The palette comes with a double-ended sponge applicator, which picks up the product very well. The colours are perfect for everyday use, with a few brights thrown in for a pop of colour. The pink and brown shades at both sides in particular are great for casual and/or neutral eye makeup. :)

Here are the swatches in order of their placement in the palette:

All swatches were done using fingers and without use of primer.

Update: I've re-swatched the colours from the palette, because I felt that my previous swatches were not accurate enough to show the colours.
Click to view larger image
As you can see from the swatches, the 2nd (coral pink) and 3rd (yellow gold) colours are really light and hardly show up on my skin, while the 6th (blue) and 7th (purple) are nice and pigmented. All the colours are slightly shimmery with a metallic sheen to them, which is more obvious in the lighter shades. Overall, the colours are very nice and easy to blend, definitely a good buy if you need a travel-friendly palette or try out new colours. :)

✓ Pros: 10 pretty colours in 1 palette, affordable price, good pigmentation, easy to blend.
✗ Cons: Slight shimmer/metallic sheen, can be a bit chalky.


FiSh said...

the colours look great but it's kinda too shimmering for me :)


Unknown said...

I love the colours. I wonder if it is sold in the UK. xx

Ken said...

hello i am a new follower!

Unknown said...

Very pretty colors. Fun and shimmery~

Charmaine Pua said...

Wow I love the colors but I'm afraid it'll be hard to match :/

LauraLeia said...

Fish: Haha, yeah, nowadays most people don't like shimmery shadows.
Charlie: I'm not sure if LA Girl is sold in the UK or not, but a lot of brands aren't available here in Malaysia. :( Maybe you can try their online store?
Ken: Hi Ken, thanks for dropping by!
Nancy: Haha yeah! I picked it up coz i loved the rainbow pastel colours.
Charmaine: It won't be hard to match at all, coz it has all the colours of the rainbow and also neutral shades, hehe.

Unknown said...

Haha! Yes mission accomplished indeed!
Thank you for your lovely comment. I also thought I should have applied some blush, but I couldn't figure out what color would go with the makeup. Any suggestions?