Taking It Slow

♫ Bruno Mars - It Will Rain

It's been a slow week. Slow in the sense that nothing really exciting or memorable happened, unless you count the lunar eclipse last night, which I didn't have the mood to observe.

(Picture taken from The Star Online)

At least I finally managed to find a pair of over-the-knee socks after months of searching. Thank you, Topshop 1Utama! ♥ And also thank you to the really cute and helpful sales assistant. :D There were only cream and orange on the rack, so I asked him if there were any other colours and he went to the back room to search. He came out with several pairs of black ones, and I was like "These are perfect!" +___+ Inside I was "My search is over!" *internal tears of joy*

Rib Over Knee Socks
No, I'm not crazy. I just dislike hate tights/leggings to the point that I would rather wear socks than be stuck in something that is not, and will never be, a replacement for proper trousers. Somebody accused me of being a Wapanese. So sue me. At least I'm Asian and do look sort of Japanese (sometimes). :P

Lee Hom says "Uhh... okay."
(Darn it, why is he so cute!)

Hmm... What else? Well, I did manage to get some more Essence makeup stuff to play with use, and also stocked up on my nail polish removers. They were Buy 2 Free 1 at Watsons so it was a really good deal. :)

And like [almost] everybody else, I cannot resist walking into Daiso if I do pass by it. Could not resist the cute furry pink pen case, and I wanted to try the hair essence to see if it works to make my hair more manageable. So far it's been so-so, but I do love the rose scent in my hair. ^^

Can't believe it's 11th December already! How time flies. Exactly one month ago, I was in Singapore eagerly anticipating Anime Festival Asia. :) And in 2 weeks time, it will be Christmas! I'm no Christian, but I love Christmas not only because of the pretty decorations and sales, but also due to the...

And if you don't get this meme, please click yourself over to 9gag. Knock yourself out. You're welcome.


little miss smexy said...

Lovely over the knee socks! Too bad I have no idea what to do with these socks lol. Leehom is so cute plus that meme is my one of my FAVOURITE memes!

Nicole said...

I got my high socks off ebay! They're really really cheap! I loveee them:D Oh man, I wish we get essence in singapore. I'm dying to try out their gel eyeliners!! And yes, I love Daiso too! I've been trying to hunt down their eyeliner gel sealing top coat thing.

LauraLeia said...

peacemusicbabe: Haha, thanks! They're really hard to find here. >_< And I know you'd appreciate the Lee Hom pic, lol. History Channel guy memes crack me too.

Nicole: I don't have a credit card to buy stuff off eBay! (Which is a good thing, actually, lol) Singapore doesn't have Essence yet? Aww... I included the eyeliner sealing top coat in my giveaway, is that the on you're referring to? :)

Nicole said...

OMG yes THAT!!! I can't seem to find it in Singapore and it's killing me to have my eyeliner run everywhere in this humidity. Grr. You can use a debit card! But perhaps it's a good thing, cos I can't stop evilBaying! And no, we don't have Essence):):):

LauraLeia said...

I've never used gel eyeliners because i totally suck at using a brush, but i think i might have to try them out someday. Good luck on your search to find the eyeliner coat; i'm sure you can find it with so many stores in Singapore! :D
(Or you can enter my giveaway, haha!)

Nicole said...

Haha I hope I win! I entered already. If I do, shipping will be cheaper for you too:P Else well, the hunt continues for that elusive top coat thing!

LauraLeia said...

:D Thanks, and good luck to you then! ^^

FiSh said...

omg the puffy pen case catches my eyes! i love pink stuff very muchiee


LauraLeia said...

FiSh: Haha, it's so pink and fluffeeeeh~ :D *high 5* Pink lovers yeah!

Ken said...

my gf was telling me about the eclipse, but i didnt bother to look!


Merryn said...

wow! Love the over the knee socks! Really love it!

Unknown said...

Haha, the last pictured made me laugh so hard. Ahh alien dud with weird hair...he always makes me laugh.
OMG! I hate when people wear tights as trousers. It is so disturbing! the socks look so nice =3

HitomiNeko said...

of the knee socks r sexy <3

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

LauraLeia said...

Ken: Haha! With all the updates and pics on Facebook, I don't even have to stick my head out the window.

Merryn: Everybody seems to be loving it, lol!

Admin: Thank you~ :)

Nancy: Yeah, his (fake?) tan and wonky hair make the whole thing super funny! *high 5* for the tights-are-not-trousers thing! XD

Hitomi: Haha, yeah. But they're really hard to find here in Malaysia. >_<

加一 said...

Personally think that Silky girl Nail polish remover will did a better job then the watsons one. Last time I was attracted by the same deal offered by Watsons but end up I spend double/TRIPLE effort to remove my nail paint by using it's remover. ><

Anyway, I have followed your blog, Follow mine too kay? =D