Review: Peripera My Color Lips in 04 Holy Pink

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So... I've been completely obsessed about this lipstick ever since it arrived in the mail.

It's the Peripera My Color Lips lipstick that I purchased from my mini Gmarket haul. I first saw it in Watson's Ngee Ann City and was really attracted by the sturdy pink metallic lipstick tube with gorgeous lace-patterned cap. I wasn't willing to spend S$19.90 (RM50) for a lipstick at that time though, so I reluctantly put it back. *sad face*

Well, I finally managed to get one from my Gmarket haul, so on with the review! :)

First, the packaging.
Outer packaging (box)
The lipstick tube is packaged in a metallic pink cardboard box that has lace flower patterns printed on it. Very pretty, and the colour and design is reminiscent of the lipstick housed inside.

Box and tube
Metallic pink tube and plastic cover
The packaging of the lipstick is really pretty. It has a pink plastic slip on cover that has a pattern of lace and flowers with silver accents. The tube itself is metallic pink all over with a ridged handle at the end - very convenient to hold when pulling off the plastic cover. When you slip the plastic cover back on, you can hear it closes with a sturdy 'snap' sound, so you don't have to worry about it falling off when placed in your bag.

Size estimate
It is a bit larger than your average lipstick tube (as you can see from the photo above), approximately 8cm tall and 2cm in diameter. A bit bulky, but definitely makes a beautiful addition to any makeup table. :D

So, the colour I chose was 04 Holy Pink. It's one of the most popular colours in the range, and is the one worn by model/actress So Yi Hyun in the Peripera tv ad.

Peripera My Color Lips in #04 Holy Pink

The colour shown in the website picture is quite different compared to the actual product. In real life, the lipstick looks darker and leans towards coral in the tube.

However, when swatched on bare skin, the colour shows up almost the same as shown in the website. :)

Below are lip swatches taken in different lighting conditions.
With flash.
Natural light, in shade.
Under direct sunlight.
In bright conditions, the colour shows up as a light, blue-based pink. Indoors though, it looks more like the colour in the tube, which leans slightly coral and darker.

One thing I love about this lipstick (besides its super cute packaging) is the scent. I don't mind the vanilla scent of MAC lipsticks, but I'm totally in love with this Peripera lipstick, which smells like roses! It's not the artificial sweet-ish flowery scent like Rimmel lipsticks, but rather a soft, feminine rose scent that reminds me of M&S rose body shower. ♥ That's because the formula contains rose petal extracts, which makes it smell so lovely and feel moisturizing.

This is my favourite lipstick in my stash so far! The colour payoff is great, feels moisturizing on the lips and smells lovely. You can apply it directly from the tube, but lately I've been using a lip brush because it goes on smoother and doesn't show lip lines on dry lips so much. The lasting power is average; it can last about 2 - 3 hours with eating and drinking, and around 4 - 5 hours with occasional sips of water. The lipstick has a shiny satin finish by itself, but I like to slick a bit of clear lip gloss over it for extra shine. :D

The Peripera My Color Lips lipsticks (3.5g) retail for 15,000 KRW (price may vary on Gmarket) in Korea, S$19.90 in Singapore and US$21.00 in the US. It is not available in Malaysia at the moment. >_<

✓ Pros: Gorgeous packaging, great colour payoff, lovely rose scent, moisturizing formula, generous amoung of product (3.5g), wide variety of colours, good lasting power.
✗ Cons: Packaging is bulky, not easily available outside of Korea, colour will settle into lines on dry lips.

Couple of photos where I used the lipstick. ♥


Koh Kian Fai said...

looks so tempt to "muah" it :X

Hilda Milda™ said...

I've never seen lipstick comes in such pretty and special packaging :O too bad I can't really use lipstick cause I have really dry and chapped lips.

LauraLeia said...

KKF: Hahahaha Err...thank you? lol

Hilda: Aww that's too bad. >_< I heard Vaseline is really good for curing chapped lips, although I've never tried before. :S

Ruby Lim said...

So pretty! The design looks pretty classy... RM50 wow... would love to try it... maybe some time this year. Thanks for the review. :)

Josarine said...

So pretty! RM50... hmm quite exp for me... but really tempting.

LauraLeia said...

Ruby: You're welcome! Glad to share some pretty goodies with you all. :)

josarine: Yup, but if you consider other brands like Etude House and The Face Shop, the price is almost same when there's no sales, haha! XD Plus it's so much more gorgeous than any I've ever seen.

little miss smexy said...

I love your lips!!! It's in heartshape while mine is VERY blur. #jealous

LauraLeia said...

Nicole: Thank you for the compliment~ XD

FiSh said...

that looks so sweet! :) i wanna get one, to be a princess

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Camy said...

the packing of the lipstick look so cute! and u match the colour!

LauraLeia said...

FiSh: Hahaha thanks! The whole thing looks so princessy, doesn't it? XD

Camy: Pink love! <3 Thank you~ ^^

Unknown said...

the colour is so sweet! :D
drop by my blog yeah :)

caro xin said...

package and colour look so good <3 like

IceCreamBun said...

cute barbie colour..

LauraLeia said...

Angeline: Thanks for dropping by! :) I've visited your blog too. ^^

caro: Haha, that's why I love this lipstick! :D

IceCreamBun: Yes~ The pink is very girly. XD

Mizu said...

The color is so pretty!I'm drop by this Sunday~yeay~

LauraLeia said...

Mia: Unfortunately, the lipsticks are still not available in Malaysia at the moment, only the lip tints. :(

FurFer said...

Pretty! do they have nude color?

LauraLeia said...

Fer Haru: Yes, they do have nude and bright colours! :D But you'll have to get them from Gmarket because even in Singapore I only saw 5 shades. >_<