Singapore Again: Harry Potter The Exhibition

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I've finally reached the end of my communication studies degree in university! :) It's nearing the end of my one-week break before starting internship next week, so I've been using the time to go for a short trip and hang out with my friends.

What can I say? Endings and new beginnings are always bittersweet.

My friend and I had heard about the Harry Potter exhibition being held in Singapore, and so, as true Harry Potter fans, we made plans to go and take a look right after all our assignments were done. And go we did. :D

Rhea with her 3DS while waiting for the delayed KTM.
KL lights flashing past.
We took the night train (KTM) from KL and arrived in Singapore around 7.30 a.m. You'd get seriously butt-hurt too if you had to sit on a hard, narrow seat for about 8 hours. x_x The sleeping berths and first class seats were all sold out. :(

After having breakfast in McD, we headed to our hostel in Boat Quay to check in our bags and refresh ourselves before heading to the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands. We stayed at the same place last year for AFA so the route was pretty much familiar to us by now.

Boat Quay in the morning.
After a change of clothing and resting a while, we set off to take the MRT to Marina Bay. :)

You can see the reflection of the Marina Bay Sands on the glass of the Art Science Museum. :)
Both of us were excited like 8-year-old kids when we saw this upon entering the Art Science Museum.
We are finally here!
The ticket queue wasn't too long yet when we arrived slightly before noon. When we came out around 1.30 p.m., the line was considerably longer.
Couldn't resist the photo op here, haha!
These were pasted on the floor in the area before the exhibition.
The infamous Flying Ford Anglia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
This way to the exhibition.
They were selling the Harry Potter Exhibition Guide book for S$30. Kinda tempted to get one, but didn't buy it in the end. >_<

This is actually the exit of the merchandise 'shoppe', which also marks the end of the exhibition.

Merchandise from the exhibition
Of course we had to buy some merchandise back! (Overpriced, but meh.) A blank notebook, a Chocolate Frog, a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, and a wand pen which is supposed to be a replica of the one Harry uses (there's a bookmark with it too but I forgot to include it in the picture).

Unfortunately, photographs inside the exhibition itself was strictly forbidden, so these are the only pics I can show you. :( If you're curious as to what's inside, check out the extensive coverage - with photos! - of the Harry Potter exhibition here. It was a really great experience to see the props, costumes and miscellaneous stuff that were used in the movie. The attention to detail and the size and scope of the entire series is unbelievable. (I felt pretty much the same when I visited the LOTR exhibition back in 2004, perhaps even more because of all the real weapons and armour.)

We had plenty of time to kill after that, so we walked around, had lunch, and went shopping in Orchard until late.

Huge shallow pond full of pretty pink, yellow and purple lotus flowers.
Beautiful pale purple lotus in bloom.
It was really windy outside the Art Science Museum. My Harry Potter paper bag almost flew away! >_<
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Swanky place indeed. Even the whole mall smells expensive LOL
My favourite takoyaki at Ion. ♥
Crisp on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Ahhh~
Reflective wall at the small eating area in Ion Food Hall.
Tested some Peripera lipsticks in Watsons. :D
(A haul post will be up next, so stay tuned!)

Next morning, we had Mos Burger for brunch. I decided to try the Premium Wagyu Beef Burger, with extra cheese. :D

Patty > burger bun. #WIN
The burger was really yummy! There was a generous wagyu beef patty (which was bigger than the bun wtf), with lettuce and some sort of sweet-ish onion and mushroom sauce. The cheese (add S$0.20) made it taste even better.

After that, we had to catch the train at 1.45 p.m. at Woodlands. We managed to get sleeping berths for the journey back to KL, so it wasn't as bad since we could sleep and stretch our legs.

It was a short but nice trip. :) Hopefully we'll be back again soon for AFA 2012!

Crossing the causeway to Johor.


little miss smexy said...

My gawd. I should have planned to go to this exhibition instead to Penang for food. T__________T i hate myself now. NICE TRIP BTW!!!! :Dd

tester said...

looks like a really awesome exhibition! must have been very interesting! ;)

sycookies said...

And I so so love.....Harry potter ...

synical said...

I'm planning to go see that, and also the Warhol exhibition at the ArtScience Museum next weekend.

I've had the Potter choc frog and jellybeans way back when - better in concept than the execution, so I'll skip those :P

Any accommodation recommendations? I'm going there again in November and suggestion(s) would be nice :)

Steven Brown said...

Fantastic Post ! :) It is a great pleasure to see such amazing visuals. I am following. I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. Ugh! I am going to look through it again. Hope to hear from you soon. God Bless! 0:)

saltvinegar said...

I'm in Jb and I have not gone to the exhibition yet!! Thnks for letting me know I HAVE to go!

Mabel Lai said...

Gasp* Harry potter exhibition!? Must go! The wand pen looks nice. Gonna get one myself too!

Cominica said...

omgg Harry potter! I'm such a great fan of them ><

Xue Ren said...

arr! i want to go! I'm a big fan of Harry Potter too! :)

btw, do support my video by liking it if haven't yeah! its my first time acting + its for my assignment purpose. thanks! :)

Mandarin 1 2 3 said...

the chocolate frog...ME WANT #megusta.jpg

LauraLeia said...

Nicole: You're on holiday now right? Still can go! :P Yes, it was really interesting and fun! :)

sycookies: Hehe yay! *high 5* :)

synical: You'll definitely enjoy it. :D But be prepared to fork out some money for the merchandise though; they're not exactly cheap lol. I also had the old Chocolate Frog cards; they were holo and much smaller than the new ones sold now, haha. :) I stayed at one of the small backpacker hostels, called Prince of Wales. You can search for them on Google. :)

Steven: Thanks for dropping by!

saltvinegar: If you're in JB then you should definitely take the time off to go and visit the exhibition! :D

cominica: If it does arrive at your country, you should definitely go take a look! :)

Xue Ren: Hahaha sure! Must support my junior in her assignment! XD

Maii: I can't bear to open and eat it because too sayang lah! lol

Kimberly said...

Looks like you had a nice trip! I'll be going to Singapore in August, it'll be my first train ride there LOL. Keep bloggin! =)

LauraLeia said...

Thanks, Kimberly! I hope you enjoy your trip to SG. I always do, hehe. :)

Anne said...

Hi! Can I know how much was the wand pen thingy? That looks so cool and I'm planning to buy one! :D

LauraLeia said...

Hi Anne! The wand pen was S$25, if I remember correctly. :)