Review: Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner in BR401 (Brown)

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About a month back, I was contacted by Etude House informing me that I had won a Drawing Show Creamy Liner from one of their contests, so I was super excited to go and collect it, because I've never used gel liner before. (^_^;)

The outer box packaging is very girly and pink, which is pretty much the overall impression you get from Etude House, lol. The design suits the product's name "Drawing Show" with pink theater-like curtains and stage lights.

Inside, you will find the eyeliner, which is housed in a sturdy frosted plastic pot, and a small extendable brush.

I wouldn't say the brush is the best, but it does work to pick up and apply the creamy eyeliner with minimal fuss. The brush comes with a cover that doubles as an extended handle, which is pretty useful.

I received the Drawing Show Creamy Liner in BR401 (Brown Double Shot), which is a dark brown shade. The eyeliner is housed in a small frosted plastic pot, which is lightweight but feels sturdy enough to weather a few bumps.

It colour looks plain brown in the pot, but upon swatching/application, I noticed little flecks of gold in it, which gives it a little more depth than normal opaque shades. :)
The creamy liner applies very smoothly and is very pigmented. I would say it is quite waterproof, as it did not budge under running water, and I had to rub the swatches on my hand quite thoroughly in order to get the results you see above. Good thing is, it doesn't smudge!

Here's how it looks on the eyelids. Keep in mind that this is my first time using gel liner, therefore smooth crisp lines are basically impossible for me to achieve (at the moment, that is). I NEED TO PRACTICE MORE WITH THIS!

I feel that this Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner (4g) would be a great product for beginners of gel liner (like me), as it is creamy, pigmented and glides easily onto the lids. It also comes with a handy little brush, so you don't have to buy a separate brush. Overall, it seems like a pretty good product, unless you suffer from oily lids after a few hours, to which I can only say... invest in a good primer! ψ(`∇´)ψ *evil laugh*

✓ Pros: Nice and sturdy packaging, comes with extendable brush, pigmented colour, smooth creamy texture, smudge-proof, available in 4 different shades, affordable price.
✗ Cons: Will fade after a few hours especially on those with oily lids, brush quality is so-so, not very waterproof.

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post were won from a contest. They were not sent in for review.


little miss smexy said...

Do not tempt me with cream/gel liner, I'm addicted on these liners! haha =) Practice makes perfect!!

Leimun said...

u actually draw it pretty nice considering you 1st time use gel liner =D

Nice review ❤

Anne Lee said...

that brush comes in handy I must say, with that itself, I can complete my eyes with all the shades.

Isabel said...

Quite good for first timer ma ahahha

LauraLeia said...

Nicole: I still prefer pen type eyeliner coz easier and faster! XD *lazy mode ON*

Leimun: Really? :D Thank you!! XD

Anne: Yup, the brush is pretty handy, but I think a proper eyeliner brush would work even better. :D

Isabel: lololololol thank you~ XD I'm still baffled how peopel can draw such perfect crisp lines using a brush though @@

Mizu said...

i wish it is waterproof T^T

Unknown said...

Pretty! The color is definitely nice, it is not just a plain brown.

Kim said...

waaah grats! you're so lucky! hehe...I NEED brown eyeliner too <33 too bad it's not that waterproof, but I still like how it looks on your eyes :D

Camy said...

omggg. so natural and pretty!