VanityTrove - Launching Soon In Malaysia!

If you're a frequent stalker of beauty blogs, I'm pretty sure you've heard of VanityTrove (Singapore) before. Well, have you heard the news? Malaysia will soon be getting its very own VanityTrove too! :D

Imagine this: You wake up in the early hours to head out every day, endure stressful situations trying to complete tasks and meet deadlines at your workplace or study place. Finally, you head home after a trying day in the rush hour crowd. At this moment, your doorbell rings and you are greeted with a beautifully wrapped box with accented classy pink notes. Within it, a specially curated range of beauty products and other surprises just for you. What better way to put a smile on your face?

Here's how to get started on your beautiful surprise journey!
  1. Join The Club
    Create an account to receive the latest updates about our events, beauty news and other fun stuff.
  2. Get Your Own Beautiful Surprise
    Subscribe to our trove service to receive a surprise delivered right to your doorstep each month.
  3. Engage In The Beauty Story
    Test and share about the products, head down to our Pink Carpet sessions to learn more or go on a shopping spree with specials we've gotten for you. Beauty pampering never ends with VanityTrove!

There are many ways for your to share the joy and surprise of VanityTrove!
For RM60/month, you get to receive the top products in the beauty industry specially curated just for you, because VanityTrove understands that ladies want only the best for their beautiful selves. Additionally, their beauty experts behind the scene identify and select the newest beauty trends for you to try. Beauty sampling and pampering has never been made so accessible and affordable! You can trust VanityTrove to provide only the best and effective products for you.

Are you looking forward to the debut VanityTrove Malaysia? I definitely am! :)

For more details, visit the VanityTrove Malaysia website and 'like' their Facebook page to keep up with the latest updates.


Cominica said...

this is look so interesting :D

Camy said...

will check it out!

LauraLeia said...

cominica: Have you tried out any beauty boxes? :D They're really fun. ;)

Camy: Please do! :D They usually collaborate with lots of good brands.