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Ah, contact lenses. I'm pretty sure a lot of girls these days wear them before going out, be it for work, school, meeting up with friends, retail therapy or just a simple meal. It's super important to find lenses that are authentic and won't damage your eyes in the long run, so I'm really glad to have found an online site that sells them - at a fraction of the retail price!
Charmé Mesmerize Violet
I chose Charmé Mesmerize Violet to review, mainly because I had never heard of the brand before, and absolutely love purple lenses. At RM30.00 per pair, it was also one of the most affordable monthly coloured lenses that were available, so I thought 'Why not?', since most of us would appreciate getting more bang for our buck. :P

GlassesOnline even included a cute lens case! :D
The lenses arrived at my address within a couple of days after I placed my order, and were delivered safely with layers of bubble wrap. They even included a cute little lens case, which was really thoughtful. :3

Packaging for Charmé Mesmerize contact lenses
The Charmé Mesmerize contact lenses come packaged in a small box, with contains the lenses in simple blister packaging. I've mentioned this before in a previous review, but I must say, blister packaging is the way to go for fuss-free and non-painful retrieval of new contact lenses. (-o⌒)

This is what the lens look like. It has a swirly, almost flower-like violet pattern in the middle, with a black outer ring. I find that circle lenses with black outer rings tend to give a more 'dolly' look when worn. :)

The lenses claim to be 14.1mm, which is considered normal-sized lenses and don't help in enlarging your irises, but I find that my eyes do look noticeably larger when worn. (Or maybe I just naturally have very small eyes fml.) I like how it looks quite natural yet still obviously purplish-violet in colour when seen under natural light. With flash, the pattern of the lens becomes much more apparent.

Here's how it looks like on both eyes, with some light purple + pink eyeshadow and a thin line of black eyeliner. :)

I really like the Charmé Mesmerize lenses as they go well with my everyday makeup and outfits. In addition, the lenses are really soft and comfortable, plus thin enough to provide enough oxygen flow that I can wear it for around 6 hours without having to apply eye drops. Hmm... Maybe I shall try Mesmerize Grey next. (¬‿¬)

Brand: Charmé Mesmerize
Frequency: Monthly Wear
Diameter: 14.1mm
Water Content: 38.00%

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You can also find out more about GlassesOnline at their Facebook page. :)

P/S: I even tried out my 'vampire' look after taking all those 'normal' review pictures lololol

*This item was sent to me by for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


choulyin.tan said...

wow that's really thoughtful of them! I didn't even get any contacts cases :(

Unknown said...

That's a pretty color =)

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Anonymous said...


Camy said...

the purple colour very pretty eh! :D. i didnt get contact lens cases too! :(

Xue Ren said...

the purple looks good on u dear!! :D

LauraLeia said...

choulyin: Aww that's too bad :( I thought they sent the lens case to everyone >_< oh well, hopefully they'll remember to include it in your next order ^^

Yomi: Thank you for dropping by! ^^ I'll be glad to check out your blog too :)

Andie: Thank you! :)

Her Yuan: Aww :( Maybe next time they'll remember? XD

Xue Ren: Thank you! ^^ Hehe, luckily purple suits my skin tone, because I love it~ :)

Bijin Blair said...

Very nice, you pulled off purple eyes perfectly! I always look blah in purple lenses for some reason *boohoo*

Lily @ChloeAsh said...

I don't wear contact lenses because I had LASIK done 8 years ago. I mean, it would be ironic to be wearing contacts now that I've paid thousands of dollars not to. LOL! I'm intrigued by all these beautiful contacts, but I'm also weary because my ophthalmologist friend said they can be harmful to eyes. I guess moderation is key? This looks very mysterious on you, btw :-)

LauraLeia said...

Blair: Thank you! :D If it's any consolation, I always feel weird wearing blue lenses, lol.

Lily: I would do LASIK too, if I had enough $. :D For now, I'm opting for contact lenses for events and special occasions - times when I don't have to wear them for more than 8 hours. Otherwise, if I'm working, I prefer to stick with regular old spectacles. XD Thank you for dropping by with a comment, and also for the compliment! :D