Marks & Spencer Spring/Summer 2014 Collections

I'm all for casual (and the occasional k-pop) style when it comes to clothing and fashion, but there's just a certain je ne sais quoi about classic designs and bright pops of colour that is everlasting. Marks & Spencer know this very well, and their Spring/Summer 2014 collection brings luxurious fabrication, an exploration of both the bold muted colour palette and vivid new prints into play.

This season has been a notable shift towards sleek styling and minimal design, clean lines and soft construction epitome. This look and feel of whites, nudes and champagne metallic provide a soft tonal background while an emphasis on voluminous shaping and proportional variety infused with a feminine sensibility define the visual.

Love these two outfits
I am in love with the bag the model is carrying ♥
When abstract print, bold colour and feminine textiles come into play, and there continues to be an emphasis on the luxurious, leather has been exploded to include sumptuous new shades, lace has been intricately worked into classic for the Spring Summer 2014 Collection is one of understated elegance, embracing the finesse of contemporary design.

The detail on that jacket is gorgeous
I'd say the collection is sleek, chic and minimalistic, which is perfect for everyday (work, study, play) yet trendy enough to catch attention - definitely pieces to keep for any season of the year! I'm eyeing that grey and black striped Boston bag... (⌒_⌒;)

Special thanks to Gushcloud Malaysia for inviting me to attend the Marks & Spencer fashion show. :)


Anonymous said...

Great photos of the fashion show, Laura.
I have to say that I've never really bothered to look at M&S' clothing range before and your post actually showed me that they have some very wearable pieces. I don't see anything too trend forward but some good basics here.

Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

Lovely ^^

The M&S here is more aimed for mid 30s and 40s so we don't get a lot of this type of styles ^^

恵美より ♥

Camy said...

so chio! if only i have model;s body :(

fateen ♥ said...

I'm not into fashion much because I don't know how to..

their styles is simple and nice. A few of them are my fav

MITCH said...

Love the high waisted pants ^^


Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute fashion show!

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