Laneige 20th Anniversary Special Limited Edition Sets

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Laneige is offering its fans limited edition sets and makeup items, which will go on sale for a limited period only.

20th Anniversary Water Bank Gel Cream EX Limited Edition Set (RM130)

Laneige 20th Anniversary Water Bank Gel Cream EX Limited Edition Set
This limited edition set comes in a tin box with a set of seven scented Water Bank Gel Cream EX tubes. Each tube of 10ml has different mood lifting scents that will take you through each day, and was specially curated by Song Hye Kyo from her favourite scents.
(P/S: Her absolute favourite is Lavender!)

Monday, in a pale blue tube has a Soapy Powder scent that makes your heart flutter as you get ready to face an exciting week ahead.
Tuesday, in a turquoise tube is scented with the Water Bank Aqua Fresh scent that lifts your spirit when facing a challenging day.
Wednesday, in a blue tube has a Relaxing Lavender scent to slow you down after two exciting days, so relax!
Thursday in a royal blue tube has a Musky scent that calms you down and helps you to recharge.
Friday in a violet tube has a Sweet Wine scent, which reminds you that the weekend is finally here, so let’s enjoy!
Saturday, a magenta tube that brings out your femininity with the Jasmine and Bergamot scent and finally;
Sunday in Royal Pink with Mandarin scent to kick-start your week with a little zest.

The small tubes are handy to slip into your bag or purse, and they come in a pretty collectible tin case.

20th Anniversary Water Bank Set (RM270) worth RM394

This value skincare set consists of:
  • Water Bank Essence_EX (60ml)
  • Water Bank Gel Cream_EX/Moisture_EX Cream (50ml)
  • Water Bank Eye Gel (3ml)
  • Power Essential Skin Refiner Light/Moisture (50ml)
  • Balancing Emulsion Light/Moisture (50ml)

20th Anniversary K-Beauty Makeup Look Set (RM170) worth RM255

This value makeup set consists of:
  • BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ No 21 (15g x 2)
  • Serum Intense Lipstick (LR 05 Flash pink) OR (YR24 Twinkle Coral)
  • Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Waterproof (25ml)
  • Multi Cleanser (30ml)

20th Anniversary Design BB Cushion Puffs

BB Cushion fans should grab this opportunity to own Laneige’s 20th Anniversary special edition BB Cushion puffs when they purchase any BB Cushion variants. The puff comes in three unique 20th Birthday designs, which makes owning a BB Cushion even more stylish than ever!

Get a complimentary limited edition puff with every purchase of a BB Cushion (Whitening or Pore) at RM150, while stocks last.

These value sets will go on sale for a limited period only starting September 2014, and will be available at Laneige counters nationwide.

*Press release provided by PR.


Myra said...

OMG!!! These look so pretty!!!! Especially the puffs! Just about time as I'm planning of getting the BB Cushion Pore Control next month!
The colourful Water bank gel cream isn't that bad! Would love to get that as well!
Thanks for sharing dear!
Mira |

Blue Avatar said...

😘love reading your blog once in awhile when i am dropping by! Interesting hehe keep it up! ^^ i'll pop by soon! #laneigeohsoawesomemaybeishouldtopupsoon #thxforsharing

anys nadhilah said...

good luck dear.. kalau dapat ni mcm ni mcm dpt jackpot..

LauraLeia said...

Nuraini: Hehehe glad I could help you out! The puffs are really pretty, eh? ;) I'd love to get a set of that water bank too.

Blue: HAHAHA I know who you are! :P Thank you for dropping by!

Nys Anis: Haha ini limited edition, so have to act fast once it's available at Laneige counters!