Bling It On with Benefit Bling Brow

♫ MIKA - We Are Golden

God Save The Bling! Now, I'm no Brit nor particularly religious, but Benefit's latest (and limited edition) addition to the party definitely has me seeing lots of sparkles.

For the upcoming festive season, Benefit Cosmetics is set to bring on the glamour in a whole new way with their limited edition Bling Brow kits and Bling Brow service to add an irresistable sparkle to both flatter and frame your peepers.

Last week, a small group of us bloggers had the chance to catch a sneak peek of the new Bling Brow kits, and we even got to play around with them! We all got to wear tiaras and bling up our brows with the Swarovski crystals; it was definitely a royal affair, haha~

Before getting hands-on with the crystal, a demonstration was done to show us the three different types of looks we can do with the Bling Brow kits.

First, the Touch of Bling look, which is the simplest and subtlest (and I daresay easiest) one to do. It's an eye-catching set of 3 Swarovski crystals that go beneath one or both eyebrows. Shivani looks gorgeous, doesn't she? ;)

Next was the Over-the-Top Bling look, which features a studded row of Swarovski crystals that float above the brows. This one is a bit more sparkly yet simple enough to grab attention, and looks absolutely beautiful on Ming. :)

It totally matches with her statement earrings!

Last, but definitely not least, is the Big Time Bling look. This is for the ultimate party animal who loves her bling, as it is the most daring Bling Brow look out of the three, with crystals adorning the brows from head to tail. (You can sort of see it on the makeup artist's brows a few photos above, lol)

Seeing all that bling without playing with it would be such a shame, wouldn't it? After the demonstration, the rest of us got busy trying to recreate the Touch of Bling look. I quite like it because it's so simple yet pretty. ♥

Close-up look
The Bling Brow kits (RM105 each) are available in 2 combinations: rose gold & crystal, and rose gold & greige. Each limited edition kit contains 52 self-adhesive Swarovski crystals, mini tweezers, and a tips & tricks guide to give your brows the royal treatment, and is packaged in a beautifully intricate and vintage metal storage tin.

Benefit Bling Brow limited edition kit: rose gold & crystal; rose gold & greige
If you're looking to amp up your party look just for the night, you can also pop by any Benefit Boutique to give your brows the royally bling Swarovski treatment with their new Bling Brow service, which is available for a limited time only. You can choose from 8 different crystal colours, and prices range from RM15 - RM65.
Crystal colours  for Benefit boutique Bling Brow service

Make a date for your Benefit brow service now! For more updates and info, visit Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia's Facebook and Instagram.


Anonymous said...

This is a really pretty thing to do. Never really thought to do anything like this the brow before.
Are the crystals one-time use only?

LauraLeia said...

ShopGirl: It's perfect for the holiday season parties, right? :D You can re-use the crystals as the adhesive is quite strong, but you'd have to make sure the sticky part isn't too dirty. Otherwise, to make them stick longer, you can also use eyelash glue to secure them (though that would make removal a bit more difficult, and probably a lil painful lol)