Zalora Malaysia Online Shopping Haul (December 2014)

♫ Sam Smith - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

11.11 and 12.12 are really good days if you're looking for some sweet online shopping deals.

Take, for example, the recent 12.12 sale event by Zalora, which had items going for RM 12 with 12% off, as well as further discounts on sales items. Of course, being the Zalora stalker shopaholic that I am, I just couldn't resist checking out a few items that had been in my cart/wishlist.

As usual with Zalora's efficient delivery process, I received my purchases the very next day after I placed my order(s).

This EZRA by Zalora Cloud Nine Analogue Watch was the first thing that I added to my cart when I saw it was discounted to RM 12. It had been sitting in my wishlist for a while; I love the minimalistic design and pretty blue white color combination. It's pretty sturdy and doesn't feel 'cheap', plus it comes in a clear box which makes it great for gifting.  
【Note: Chinese usually don't give watches or clocks as gifts, as the phrase ‘giving a clock' (送钟) sounds the same as 'attending a funeral' (送终). However, if you really do give/receive one, most people would give a small amount (i.e. RM 1) to the giver in order to 'negate' the effects. Something I learnt from my elders, haha!】

Another item that was sitting in my wishlist and finally made it to the shopping cart is this Starry Cuff Ring from Something Borrowed. The different sized/coloured stars hanging from a cuff ring give it just the perfect amount of edgy and chic. Bonus points because the adjustable ring ensures that even people with chubby digits like me can wear it. (⌒_⌒;) This was RM 7 after discount.

What's a Zalora haul without clothes, right? I had my eye on this EZRA by Zalora Basic Split Shoulder Tee (I'm loving cut-out shoulder tops lately) and it was on sale at RM 19, so it was a no-brainer adding this to my shopping cart. I'm really pleased with the top, as it fits great and the material is super comfy and perfect for our Malaysian weather.

Last but not least, is this KLF MODENA Legging, which I purchased in a separate order from the 3 items above. I don't normally wear leggings, but I really liked the contrast zigzag pattern on these, and they were on sale, lol. The material is fairly thick and the quality is very good. These leggings are originally priced at RM 291.60 (like seriously? ಠ_ಠ) but I got them for  RM10.20 after discount with free shipping.

So that's my recent haul from Zalora Malaysia. Are your fingers itching to get clicking now? Use this code to get 15% off your first Zalora purchase! (。⌒∇⌒)。


Mieza Everdeen said...

I purchased a pair of heels, couldnt bring myself to buy any clothes coz I'm afraid it wont fit well if I dont try first XD

J-Mei said...

I like your watch.

Today, I just received my Zalora haul as before this I get RM 50 discount voucher :)

YChien said...

I REALLY LIKE THAT WATCH. does it come in black?

LauraLeia said...

Mieza: Clothes are quite tricky, but most of their listings will have the size measurements, so that's a pretty good way to judge if it will fit or not. Otherwise, there's always the free returns option! (Which is why I love shopping at Zalora, lol)

J-Mei: Hehe thanks! The watch is super cute kan? I also had an RM50 voucher which I'd used in a previous purchase to buy a couple of tops. :D

YC: ME TOO! It only comes in this colour (blue-white) though. It's still available if you want to buy it; there's like 2 left in stock. :D

Nhi said...

i love the shirt & the ring so much:)
thanks for sharing your haul!

lots of love xx

Ahleessa said...

That really is a cute watch! I love the colors. :)

Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute watch

Henry Tan said...

haha yeah! a lot ppl bought during that sales! can see that you bought a lot too! definitely a good bargain! =D

Zalora Pop-up Store!

Marxie ♔ said...

Love everything you bought! Especially the watch, so cute. *-* we have Zalora too but I haven't tried shopping there yet. I might try when they go on sale. :D

LauraLeia said...

Nee: The shirt is especially comfy! I really wish Zalora will restock it, haha~

Ahleessa: It is, isn't it? ;) My BFF also bought the same watch, and we were like OMG U TOO?! when we found out later, haha!

Sakuranko: Yes it is :3

Henry: Super good bargain! Need to keep an eye out for sales coz can't afford to buy at full price lol

Marxie: Yay thanks! :D You really should try Zalora, their items are really affordable and best part is that they have 30-days return policy. ^^