NOTD: Pastel Rainbow with Pearls and Rhinestones

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A few days back, I received something that I had bought from eBay several weeks ago and have been eagerly anticipating its arrival ever since. It was enclosed in a small bubble wrap envelope, but would enable me to make a big difference to my nail art adventures. (๑>◡<๑)

I managed to get this for $1.99 (approx RM 7.50) and it contains 12 different colours of 1.5mm round glitter rhinestones. The best part is that it comes in a plastic pillbox-like case that has 12 individual compartments for each colour, which makes it much more convenient to pick out the tiny rhinestones compared to the usual wheel case type (like the pearl wheel below; also bought from eBay).

Multi-colour nail art pearl wheel
So, after removing my purple gradient white leopard manicure, I decided to revisit and upgrade an all-time favourite - pastel rainbow nails!

It's actually very simple. Just pick 5 pastel colours of your choice, paint 3/4 of each nail (it doesn't have to be very neat, but I used ring reinforcement stickers to get a nice half-moon curve), then arrange the pearls and rhinestones along the border. You can use nail glue or top coat to stick them on, then seal everything with a good layer of top coat.

This blue nail is my favourite combo (≧∇≦)
It's really easy, and if you don't have so many different coloured rhinestones and pearls, you can always get a packet of silver glitter rhinestones and white/ivory pearls. You can use them for everything, because they match with practically every nail colour you can think of!


h said...

Hey there gorgeous!! Oh my goodness I love your nails so much! Can you do mine please?!! :D
What a perfect shape, design, and color!!!! AWESOME!

I'm so glad I found your blog beautiful. Would you like to check out my blog and perhaps we can follow each other on GFC and keep in touch?

Have a wonderful weekend babe!!!!

XOXO, HaeMin

cindy said...

gorgeous nails as alway!

J-Mei said...

Your nails looks beautiful with pearls and rhinestones :)

Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute nails design

Michelle Tang said...

I like the idea of mixing the crystals with matching pearls, the result looks beautiful.

LauraLeia said...

HaeMin: Thank you for the compliment! ^^ I've visited and followed your blog; it's amazing! :)

Cindy: Hehe thanks Cindy!

J-Mei: Thank you! I love the bling bling too. :)

Sakuranko: Aww thanks sweetie. :)

Michelle: The combination is really sweet, right? XD Thanks Michelle!