Review: 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #9 Wow Pink

♫ XIA (준수) - 그 말 참 밉다 (I Hate That Word)

In my 3CE Gel Eye Liner review, I mentioned that I'd purchased 2 eyeliners in my FH Club haul. Also probably because I kiasu and don't want to miss out on such a good deal especially since everything's gonna be more expensive once April/GST kicks in.

Today, it's 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner #9 Wow Pink's turn to claim the spotlight. I know, I know - it's all about eyeliners and lipsticks with me, lol.
Do I need more eyeliners? No.
Do I want eyeliners in all the colours of the rainbow? Heck YES.

3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner #9 Wow Pink
Sticker seal
3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner #9 Wow Pink
Detachable sharpener at the bottom
Come, let us proceed with the review.
3CE's sleek black packaging should be pretty familiar by now, with its minimalist design and smooth matte finish, complete with sticker seal to ensure it has not been tampered with. The eyeliner shade is identified by the colour at the top of the outer box and bottom part of the pencil respectively. The shade name of the eyeliner is printed on the pencil, near the bottom part which houses the sharpener. (Note: "Sharpener" is spelled as "Sharpner" on all my 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliners, so it's a typo on the manufacturer's part and does not indicate that the eyeliner pencil is fake.)

Retractable eyeliner
Besides the sleek black design, I also like how the eyeliner is the retractable type, making it easier to sharpen the tip without excessive waste of product.

This is what #9 Wow Pink looks like when swatched on my hand. It is a hot pink shade with a matte texture similar to #10 Mojito. The colour is quite true to the colour in the pencil, even though it shows up slightly darker here.

For this look, I first drew my usual eyeliner style using the 3CE Gel Eye Liner (Brown) on the upper lashline and half of the lower lashline, then added a line of #9 Wow Pink right above the upper eyeline for a pop of bright colour. It didn't go on as smoothly as when I swatched it on my hand, but a few careful strokes yielded the results you see above. (◕‿◕)

I've always wanted a hot pink eyeliner, so I'm really glad I managed to pick this up for a song. I think it would look better with a crisp black eyeliner for that 'mod' vibe, or lightly smudged out as eyeshadow (if you work quick enough, as it sets quite fast). It does tug a little during application, probably due to its dry matte texture. Lasting powder is 6 hours with minimal fading at the end of the day, and is waterproof as well as smudge-proof, not to mention superb pigmentation.

✓ Pros: Sleek simple packaging, pigmented, smooth and creamy application, waterproof, smudge-proof, available in a variety of shades, retractable type eyeliner, comes with tip sharpener.
✗ Cons: Pricey, small amount of product, not easily available outside of S.Korea unless bought online.

*Disclaimer: Products in this post were purchased using my own money. They were not sent in for review.


Street Love said...

Ahhh! You rock it! I won't be able to rock red eyeliner lol

Isabel said...

so pretty omgomgomg

LauraLeia said...

Street Love: Haha thanks! Downside is I can't rock any yellow or orange shades, lol

Isabel: IKR! Grab it if you see it on promo! Luxola doesn't have this pink and the orange one, only the mint, dunno why O_o

All Girly Gossip said...

That's a gorgeous shade... wish this brand was easily available here in India...

LauraLeia said...

All Girly Gossip: Yes, it's a lovely bright colour. :) Maybe you can try searching for (reliable) online shops that carry 3CE items?