Estee Lauder 2015 Warehouse Sale Haul!

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I've been to my fair share of warehouse sales, and having to queue for several hours is no surprise to me, but last weekend's Estee Lauder warehouse sale really took the cake! (≧∇≦)

So, long story short, one of my friends asked if anybody in our Whatsapp group wanted tickets to the Estee Lauder warehouse sale (it's a by-invite only sale). Being the makeup junkie that I am, and after years of reading about the crazy deals from previous sales on various blogs, I of course said yes. Fast forward a couple of days, and I was at Cindy's house grabbing literally 2 hours of sleep before we woke up at 3.30 am (!!!) in order to get to the venue by 4 a.m. so that we could be the first batch (after the VIPs) to get into the sale.

Enough of the backstory, I know you're here to see my haul from the warehouse sale. (¬‿¬)

(Decorations not included.)
All of the items I bought are from MAC, except for a couple from Clinique and Estee Lauder.

First up are the MAC eye makeup products. These came in packs of 2, and include Fluidline gel eyeliners and Paint Pots.
 Paint Pot in Frozen Violet (left); Fluidline in Phlox Garden (right)
Fluidline in Green Moss (left) and Dark Majesty (right)
I'm really happy with my Fluidline purchases, as uniquely coloured gel eyeliners are quite rare from drugstore or Korean/Japanese makeup brands. Dark Majesty, which is black with silver micro-shimmer, is the perfect complement to the bright pops of colour that are Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss. (◡‿◡✿)

Next are my favourites - the blushers!

I'd been lemming after the MAC x Toledo ombe blushers ever since I saw them in stores, but dismissed them as something I'd never get since they were limited edition and pretty pricey (pardon the bad pun). I was super stoked to see them at the sale, and after (a lot of) mental struggle, decided to get the purple ombre Azalea Blossom instead of grabbing both. *coughbudgetcough* The pink ombre Kindergarten Red belongs to Sarah (I helped her to buy it), which I hijacked here to take photos. ψ(`∇´)ψ

(Top) MAC x Toledo ombre blush in Kindergarten Red & Azalea Blossom; (bottom) Clinique Cheek Pop in 03 Berry Pop
As for the uber cute Clinique Cheek Pop, I was fortunate enough to salvage it from Cindy's stash, because she didn't want it. Another item to check off my beauty wish list!

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?!
Bonus: I also grabbed this beautiful box of 3 soaps from the Estee Lauder table for my mum as a belated Mother's Day present because she doesn't use skincare or makeup, but absolutely loves soap bars.

It was crazy, a lot of fun, my bank account bled more than usual, and I learned a lot of things including how to play chor dai di, but the best part is being able to get to know and catch up with fellow makeup-lovers during the wait. (。⌒∇⌒)。

Photo credits to Cindy and Fiona :D (Hello Kitty-censored my face there lol)
Hope to see you all again next year! *fingers crossed*


Street Love said...

I love your haul. I bought Fluidline on my first year to the sale and Paint Pot last year as well. But Fluidline tend to get dry very fast so beware ya :) See you again next year :D

Camy said...

wow i see u buy alot!

Kiran Imtiaz said...

Thats a wonderful haul. Enjoy!

Ahleessa said...

So jealous you have Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale! You got great products.

Isabel said...

That blusher *swoons*

Btw have you tried out MUFE eyeliners? I remember they had nice colours as well

Michelle Tang said...

The blushes look great! I am especially curious about the ombre blush.

Jenny said...

I want to participate in a warehouse sale, too >< I'm so jealous haha!
Btw I followed you on bloglovin~ I look forward to your upcoming posts!

Anonymous said...

What's the Hello Kitty bow thing?