Rave Review: Mediheal Mask Dress Code Blue

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Okay, so first of all, I need to apologise for the slight hiatus from my blog. The usual mix of work, writer's block, ennui, laziness... and (I'm ashamed to admit this) lack of interest in most new makeup and skincare lately. *gasp* Well, in addition to the fact that I can't afford to buy the ones I'm really interested in, and not being able to attend events since I'm working during office hours now. (╥_╥)

So what prompted me to crawl out of my hermit's cave, feeling the urgent need to rave about my latest discovery? The very intriguing, extremely hydrating, excessively glamorous facial mask sheet from Korea - Mediheal Mask Dress Code Blue.

I know the current rage now are animal mask sheets, and while I can totally appreciate the novel fun of mask sheets with cute animal faces on them, I had already fallen for the spell of these masquerade-like mask sheets after seeing pics of them online.


"With a variety of vanilla extract, baobab leaves, cactus flower, medicine sage leaves, lavender, rosemary, mother chrysanthemum, it effectively retains water, firms skin, anti-aging and keeping cells alive, clears skin, oil control, whitening as well as soothing . The mask uses advanced fiber material with high transparency and 3D cutting, it uses a special dye which is harmless, even at high temperatures of 95 degrees celsius, there is no staining or discoloration. Its safety formula combines care and beauty, bringing a new concept of visual mask!"
I was pretty surprised when I first pulled out the mask, as it seemed very thin and flimsy, with a slight gel-like texture due to the essense. You do have to be rather careful when unfolding the mask (especially if you have long fingernails) as it is quite thin, but it feels really comfortable on the face and doesn't dry up even after the recommended 20 minutes.

What the mask looks like after using
In fact, I think I left it on for a good 30-35 minutes because I was too busy taking selfies, ha! There was more than enough essence left in the mask for me to slather it on my arms and legs before throwing it away. I've never felt so reluctant to throw away a (used) mask sheet, lol.

Besides somehow managing to absorb and retain an amazing amount of essence, the paper-thin mask also fits very well on my face, covering all the way to the hairline and ears. It just barely covers my jawline, although I'd attribute that to having a wide face and chubby cheeks. (╯_╰)

Of course, how could I forget the gorgeous design printed on the mask itself? That's basically the main attraction of these masks, and although it's no less gimmicky than the animal masks, I really like them because wearing it makes me feel super elegant and glamorous. (◡‿◡✿)

I honestly felt underdressed in my usual home clothes while having the Dress Code mask on my face wtf
Where's my smokey eye makeup ballgown and lace fan when I need them?! (¬_¬)

The main function of the Mediheal Mask Dress Code Blue is hydration, and is suitable for acne or trouble-prone skin. I can safely say that its hydration claims are justified - my skin looked and felt noticeably moisturized after the first use, and was still well-hydrated the next morning after sleeping in an air-conditioned room. It also has a very pleasant scent; I can't exactly describe it but trust me when I say it's really nice and rather soothing, thanks to ingredients such as bamboo, lavender, rosemary, sage and the main hydrating ingredient which is sea water (not the salty type lol).

Before & After

From all the raving I've done above, you can say that I'm absolutely smitten with these Mediheal Dress Masks, and with good reason - they are not only fun to use, but also pack a punch in terms of quality, comfort and hydration. They are rather pricey (averaging RM10 per sheet), but I managed to score two boxes at bargain prices online so I'm really pleased with the risk I took, buying them without having any reviews to fall back on. Definitely HG status for these lovelies!

Stay tuned for my next update, which will be of the Mediheal Mask Dress Code Black! (๑>◡<๑)


Unknown said...

This mask is so beautiful! I don't think I would ever use it because it's just so pretty!! I'm completely sold on these masks tho! They make you look pretty with a mask on and makes your skin more moisturized!

Mary l giveaway

HanaBlurbs said...

So cooollllll :o where did you get them?

Hana Blurbs

Isabel said...

No wayyyyyyyyyyyy!! So awesome?!

LauraLeia said...

Mary: IKR! Besides being nice to use and pretty to look at, it really does live up to its claims of hydration. :)

Syaza: I got them from 11street and a random online shop. You can try searching for it. :D

Isabel: YES WAY! Makes mask time so much more fun, hahaha

Mieza Everdeen said...

i feel like buying already, so beautiful and i am forever in love with masquerade theme :D

June L. said...

OMG, the mask is so pretty!!!! I want so many of these, but I feel like I'd never use them because I'm scared to "waste" them haha. xD
Junniku blog!

Ahleessa said...

This one is cool too but I like the black one better... hehe~ You so adorable! :)


hikari.ann said...

Hi dear,

May I know where I can get the black masquerade mask?