Jan & Feb 2016 Empties

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I know, it's been suuuuper long since I last updated my blog! (๑>︵<๑) I also seem to be saying that a lot lately, but honestly, I will try my best to update more regularly these days. Pinky swear.

Anyway, I wanted to do a haul post at first to slowly ease back into my blogging schedule, but decided to share some thoughts of some products that I've managed to use up so far in 2016.

3CE Real Soft Cleansing Sherbet - Honestly, this is probably the best makeup remover I've ever used (sorry, Biore!) and I'm really sad to see it go. I bought this from Luxola a year ago, I think, during one of their sales. There was a glitch in the system at the time and I managed to snag this for like 75% off instead of the supposed 25% lol (¬‿¬) Like the same suggests, it has a sherbet-like texture and turns milky when it comes into contact with water. I just need to scoop a small amount onto dry fingers, massage it over areas with makeup, and then rinse it off with water. This one really removes everything, from eyeliner and mascara to foundation and lipsticks (except for ultra-staying power lippies like CLIO Lipnicure or OCC Lip Tar). Highly recommend this!

L'Oreal Hydra Fresh Hydration + Antiox Active Mask-In Water Gel - I've tried many L'oreal skincare products in the past couple of years, and I like this one the best. Don't be intimidated by the long name; it's basically a day moisturizer that's very lightweight and smells absolutely lovely. If you're looking for a non-greasy daily moisturizer that works well in Malaysian weather and has a hint of floral scent, this one is for you. :)

Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam - I got this one from the Butterfly Project Christmas Beauty Box and using it on and off for a good part of last year. Nothing particularly good or bad about it; it works well to cleanse my face at the end of the day, and doesn't irritate my skin. It also has a slight hint of floral fragrance, so if you like floral scents like me, this is a good and affordable daily cleanser.

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge - This doesn't really need any introduction, since it's been around the beauty blogosphere for a long time now. This is the third bottle that I've finished, and for a very affordable RM5.30 per bottle, it does a bang up amazing job at thoroughly cleaning my makeup brushes and puffs.

Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover - I've been alternating between this and the 3CE cleansing sherbet, so it took me about a year to finish up this one. Biore has always been my choice for makeup removers, so I decided to try this 'jelly' one after finishing the cleansing oil version. I find it to be just as effective as the oil version, and gentler on the skin since it's water-based.

That's it for my empties post! I actually have a few other product I'd finished up, but forgot to take photos so I won't be posting them here. Stay tuned for the next few posts, where I'll be reviewing some awesome new Korean makeup that I've recently discovered! (≧∇≦)

Sneak peek! (。✪‿✪。)ノ


Shasha said...

wow so lucky you can get 75% disc for the 3ce!

Myra said...

I've always wanted to try 3CE products as it's pretty much like NARS a bit - less expensive but the time isn't just right everytime i'm ready to grab one. There's always other lipstick or other powder I bought before I realized I was gonna purchase 3CE.
Still, looking forward to your next post! Been reading bunch of reviews on Nakeup Face so I'm curious of your hit and your miss (if any) from the brand.
Thanks for sharing!
Mira | Pretty Little Things

cindy said...

so lucky to get 30% off!!! and can't wait for your korean makeup new discovery!

LauraLeia said...

Shasha: Shhh.... It's a secret, haha!

Mira: I think 3CE is so successful because of the packaging and also its 'cool' image. XD I really want to repurchase the sherbet but it seems like they either discontinued it, or it's really hard to find outside of Korea. >_< But then, it's also a good thing coz I get to try other similar items! XD I've just posted my Nakeup Face review (BB cushion) so I hope you'll check it out and help you decide if you should get it. ;)

Cindy: Hahaha IKR "technical problem" problems. :P I swear I'm going to update more often, at least once a week now, haha~