Sephora Malaysia Black Card Sale Haul

♫ EXO - Monster

Let's begin by saying... I don't really shop at Sephora. *le gasp*  

Wait, hear me out. What I mean to say is, Sephora is really fun and amazing and there are plenty of outlets in the Klang Valley that I can easily visit, but my inner scrooge simply cannot in good conscience pay full price for an item that I know I can get for cheaper elsewhere. *coughonlinecough* Which is why when Sephora Malaysia had its Black Card member sales last month, I couldn't resist taking a look, and ended up buying a few things from its online store that I may or may not need. (⌒_⌒;)

[If you're wondering how I managed to get to Black Card member status despite not shopping often at Sephora, it's because I've bought stuff from Luxola before, which was bought over by Sephora last year. Subsequently, my Luxola points were converted into Sephora points.]

Enough with the backstory; let's go straight to the (mini) haul!

First up is Ciaté Double Lines, a double-ended eyeliner which has a Precision Tip liquid eyeliner on one side, and a retractable Kohl Kajal eyeliner on the other. I quite like the felt-tip eyeliner side, which is very pigmented and firm enough to ensure sharp cat-eye flicks. I've never used kohl eyeliner before, but I love how it's much creamier and pigmented than regular pencil eyeliners.

Ciaté Glow Pop

Another item I got is the adorable little Ciaté Glow Pop, which is a matte creme bronzer. I plan to use this to practice my contouring skills, using the...

...Sigma F57 Emphasize Contour brush, the final item in my Sephora haul. I admit, this is more of an impulse purchase because it had just been newly listed on Sephora when I was browsing during the sale, and I thought "Why not, since I'm already getting the bronzer and don't have a contour brush like this?" (Also because there were only 2 left in stock LOL #kiasu) I also managed to nab the GWP for any Sigma brush purchase, which includes a makeup brush pouch and travel-size E25 Blending brush. I already have a silver one from a previous purchase, so I'm glad to have this pink one to add to the collection. (。✪‿✪。)

Well, that's all for my mini Sephora sales haul! I've been hauling waaaay too much makeup these past few months. (ºДº) I've yet to use half of the items I bought in my April Gmarket haul, and now I'm waiting for the remaining items from my new Gmarket haul(s) to arrive. (๑>◡<๑) Stay tuned for updates!


Bijin Blair said...

So many things to buy but so little money to spend *boohoo* Woman, what did you buy from Gmarket?!

Ahleessa said...

Your Sephora carries Sigma? Wow! Nice haul btw.

Sakuranko said...

I love it the makeup brushes darling
Great haul