My Principles Died From Exposure

♫ T.O.P. - Turn It Up

What principles, you ask? My ironclad principle of not being pulled in by the k-pop phenomenon. I am still a staunch supporter of j-pop, thank you very much.
The exposure? 2 days of listening to k-pop in my friend's car and watching videos on YouTube.

I am so weak. *facepalm*

Big Bang

Still, I can at least say that I still detest k-pop girl groups. *coughgirlsgenerationcough* Obviously because I am not attracted to them and find their voices super annoying.

Before this I just listened to one or two songs from Super Junior and SS501, but never really got to the point where I fangirl over any of the members. Anyway, I've been hooked on Big Bang's songs ever since Saturday, and totally developed a crush on T.O.P.

I kinda think he looks nicer with white-blond or platinum hair. The black hair makes him look so... fierce, lol. I'd only heard Big Bang's "Tonight" and thought it was not bad, but didn't know one member from another until my friend showed me this video. It's Big Bang's parody version of the k-drama Secret Garden. It also sparked my crush interest in the group, especially T.O.P. (I still think he looks like Spock from Star Trek wtf lol).

We were watching it and LMAO-ing like crazy! XD

So now I have a folder full of pics and videos, as well as having their songs on constant shuffle and repeat.

Oh yes, before I end this post to continue my fangirling activities...

(click to enlarge)
This is what my desktop looks like at the moment. ♥


Papepipo the choir said...

MY MY MY GOD!!!! ur desktop looks really nice! GOD i cant put that on mine or else i'd be blushing all the time whenever i'm using my comp for schoolwork!! =D

Still LMAO when thinking of the parody...the scene we laughed like hell dat day...hahaha~ it was a great afternoon~ ^^<3


LauraLeia said...

Hahahahaha! But don't you think it's great to have a super hot guy looking at you whenever you're in front of the pc? :P

Every time i watch the video i also will LMAO!

chiwayu said... TOP +1 XDXDXD!!!!!!

LauraLeia said...

Eeeeeehh wayu, you also like BB/TOP de ar? XD *high 5*