D.I.Y. - OCC Lip Tar + Clear Lip Gloss

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Contrary to what I'm listening to at the moment, this post is going to be rather... pink. Or at least, something in the red category.

I've been looking through my lipstick/lipgloss rack, and somehow I got kinda bothered because I've hardly used the OCC lip tars that I bought last year. So I decided to do a little 'experiment' and see what kind of results I would get if I combined my favourite lip gloss with these super pigmented lip stains. :D

= ?
I used my Lip Smacker lip gloss in the flavour "Melon Kiss". These liquid Lip Smackers are my favourite because 1. they smell absolutely wonderful, 2. they're not sticky at all (some people might not like the slick oily feeling on their lips though) and 3. give an instant shine to your lips without feeling heavy. What's not to like, right? :D

Lip balm + lip gloss

This is what it originally looks like in the tube, sort of pinkish. I bought it as a combo, with a lip balm and lip gloss in the same scent. The lip gloss comes with the standard doe-foot applicator wand. When I bought it, I thought it would smell like watermelon, but it turned out smelling like... honeydew? It didn't smell the way I expected it to, but still nice nevertheless.

Liquid Lip Smacker in "Melon Kiss"

Swatches of the lip gloss before I start with the 'experiment'. Uh, I mean D.I.Y. :P It has a pink tinge when seen in the tube and when swatched, but once applied on the lips it goes on completely clear.

Now, we can start our little D.I.Y. 'experiment'! First, pop out the stopper at the mouth of the tube. The stopper helps to prevent the gloss from spilling out of the tube, and also wipes off any excess product when you pull out the wand.

(I remembered to remove it only after I dipped the wand into the lip tar once, hence the bright pink stains. *facepalms*)

Note: Don't throw away the stopper! You can replace it into the tube after you're done. Just rinse with water and dry it off, then pop it back in. :)

Now, take out the lip tar colour of your choice and drop a blob on a clean piece of paper. Just a small drop is enough, because they are super pigmented. Here, I used my OCC lip tar in "Anime", which is a bright blue-based pink.

Take the lip gloss wand, dip it into the drop of lip tar, and proceed to mix until you get the desired colour. You might want to keep some tissue handy in case things get messy. XD

Spot the difference? :D You can see that the lip gloss is now noticeably pinker than it was before. Unfortunately, the wand couldn't reach all the way to the bottom of the tube. >_<

Of course, seeing it inside the tube isn't quite the same as swatching it on the skin/lips, so here's what the gloss looks like after mixing with the lip tar.

Looks pretty intimidating, huh? Don't worry, it looks bright on the wand only because it was used to pick up the lip tar, thus staining the sponge applicator. The lip gloss is now much more opaque, and you can definitely see the hot pink mixed in it. However, on the lips...

...it's a pretty shade of pink. :) It looks light here, but in different lighting conditions it can look a bit darker.

I love how the 'experiment' turned out! I now have my favourite deliciously-scented lip gloss in a nice pink colour, and the best thing is, once the gloss wears off I can still see a hint of pink on my lips because of the lip stain mixed in it! :D I have a good mind to go and grab more liquid Lip Smacker glosses so that I can mix up a few other combinations using my 2 OCC Lip Tars, lol.

I swear, this photo was taken without makeup.
Just contact lens, lip gloss and warm buttery sunlight. ♥ 
Oh, and good camera angles. XD


FiSh said...

wow a bright pink shade suits you alot! :)

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justychaaa said...

nice color ;)

Jothi said...

The shade of pink that came out of the experiment is really lovely, suits you!

LauraLeia said...

FiSh: Aww.. Thank you! ^_^

justychaaa: Thanks! I really want to mix some more, haha!

Jothi: I love the outcome too! Thank you~ ^^

Anonymous said...

i love the swatches and how they look on your lips! really pretty!

LauraLeia said...

Diane: Thank you, Diane! ^^

♥ Clara said...

The color looks great on you :)I love the pink <3 Nice try.

Delila Abu Bakar said...

oh my what a great idea!love the colour.


Camy said...

nice pink :D

caro xin said...

oh so cool with give it a try :)

LauraLeia said...

寂寞の邂逅: Hehe, thanks!

Delila: Hope you'll have fun coming up with your own coloured lip gloss! :)

Camy: Thanks camy! ^^

caro: Good luck! :D

Small Kucing said...

love the colours