Outfit Ideas: Green Shorts

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It's a known fact that Malaysia is a tropical country, which means that we practically have summer all year round. Hot and humid, that's how the weather normally is over here. But then again, there's a standing joke here that we actually have one more season: rainy season. XD

All this hot and humid weather pretty much ensures that we won't be wearing layers of wool knit clothing or fur-trimmed winter jackets anytime soon. Keeping cool is key here, while also staying stylish. So, my wardrobe staple? Shorts.

Seriously, shorts are a must-have if you're living in a hot country like Malaysia. They keep me from melting into a sticky puddle of goo, especially in the midday sun. (Okay, I'm exaggerating, but you get my drift.) Shorts are super versatile, and can be dressed up or down, depending on how you mix and match your outfits. The only bad thing is that they're not exactly meant for formal occasions, so they're pretty much only suited for daily casual wear. Today, I'm going to show you how I regularly style my outfits, using a pair of shorts I recently purchased from Cotton On.  

Cotton On Q Short in "Ocean Wave" (green)
 First off, I must say that I love tailored black shorts, because they match with practically any kind of top, but I also love candy-coloured shorts because they add a pop of colour to boring outfits. Plus, I always think that matching black tops with black shorts is just waaaay too depressing. =/ Anyway, I chose green for this pair because green is my lucky colour for 2012, and the green colour itself is quite unique. :)

Outfit 1: Casual Outing
Green plain basic tee
White cotton and lace detail vest
Green shorts
+ Off-white woven wedge sandals
+ Chunky bracelet

I love matching colours for my outfits, and this one is no exception. Many people I know avoid wearing green, but I love these particular types of green because it's so refreshing and, more importantly, doesn't clash with my skin tone. (Which is why I never wear orange or yellow.) This outfit is perfect for a casual day out catching up or shopping with friends.

Outfit 2: Ready For School
White polo tee
Green shorts
+ Sneakers
+ Wristwatch

Ah, the classically simple yet effective everyday outfit. This is the normal outfit for most college/university students here. For girls, just throw on a cardigan if the lecture hall dips a few degrees. Nerd glasses are optional. :P

Outfit 3: Laid Back Semi-Formal
Black blazer
Black and white polka dot sheer sleeveless top
Green shorts
+ Oxford shoes OR ankle booties
+ Mulberry-esque sling bag (like this)

This is what I call being 'casually formal'. The shorts and sleeveless chiffon top are great to combat the hot weather, while the blazer instantly adds a semi-formal vibe to the entire look.

Well, that's all for today. I hope these outfits can help inspire you to try out new looks, or dig into your closet to see what you can mix and match with. Do tell me which outfit is your favourite in the comments! :)


Charlie said...

so green!!!

Joey said...

You're right. The weather here really restricts us on what we can wear.
I like your last coordinate. Love the blazer and shorts look

LauraLeia said...

Nath: Green is good for the eyes! :P

Joey: Thank you! Yup, it's way too hot to wear anything too thick here. :(

Vale ♥ said...

I love those shorts and the color is so trendy this season so they are a perfect choice =)
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LauraLeia said...

Vale: Thank you! I'm not sure about the colour trend for this season, I just like the colour, haha! :D