Review: SkinFood Fresh Fruit Tint Gloss (Grape)

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If you're a follower of my Facebook page, then you might have seen my photo update a few days ago of the SkinFood Fresh Fruit Tint Gloss (Grape) that I recently purchased.

SkinFood Fresh Fruit Tint Gloss
The Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Gift Set was a small freebie given to me by the friendly SA at their 1 Utama branch. :) This is actually my first time purchasing and using a SkinFood product, despite seeing their shops in various malls and browsing through their outlets on several occasions. I guess I'm still more attracted to cute pink girly packaging like Etude House, lol.

SkinFood Fresh Fruit Tint Gloss (Grape)
Banana, grape and ice fruit [pomegranate?]
Besides purple (grape), they also have it in yellow (banana) and blue (ice fruit). I was sorely tempted to get the banana, but decided on the grape. You'll find out why soon enough. :P

The tint gloss comes in a regular squeeze tube, and contains 9.5g of product. The slanted tip makes for easy application of the gloss, although it can get a little messy if you squeeze out a bit too much product.

The gloss itself is quite transparent, and corresponds to the packaging's colour. The Fresh Fruit Tint Gloss in Grape is a sheer purple colour with extremely fine shimmer particles that are not noticeable when applied on the lips.

Why is it called a tint gloss, then?

SkinFood Fresh Fruit Tint Gloss lip swatch
Here are swatches of the gloss. It goes on sheer at first, but after a couple of minutes it changes colour to a deep pink shade. The effect is a hot pink glossy pout. :3 The gloss is slightly tacky but lasts for up to 4+ hours without eating or drinking. Even after blotting with tissue and having a meal, the tint is still very much visible on the lips. You just need to top up some clear gloss to regain that sleek shiny look.

Taken with my iPhone's front camera, rather blur but it shows the most accurate colour of the tint gloss on my lips. It's bright, isn't it?

This is what the tint gloss looks like after a light meal. The colour remains very vibrant hours after eating and drinking, therefore I would call this a lip stain rather than a lip tint.

I'm starting to find this little jewel very handy, especially when I'm going out for the whole day and don't fancy touching up my lip colour every few hours. It doesn't dry out my lips, and the colour intensity depends on how much gloss you apply, so it's possible to use just a bit and get a nice gradient pink tint. Super love this 2-in-1 (stain+gloss) product!

The SkinFood Fresh Fruit Tint Gloss (9.5g) retails at RM 27.90 per tube, and is available at all SkinFood outlets in Malaysia.

✓ Pros: Pretty colour change effect, 2-in-1 tint and gloss, easy to carry around, affordable price, does not dry out lips.
✗ Cons: Will leave stain on skin/items, colour change varies according to individual.


little miss smexy said...

Pretty shade you got there! I'm not a lip glossy kind of person but it looks sweet on you! :)

Isabel said...

nice! but way too purple for my preference

Leimun said...

Nice pink there, look good on you ^_^
but i not dare to put on too bright colour on lips =/

saltvinegar said...

Hi Laura! It's been a while! Only you can pull off tht purplish shade! Hehe i'm keen to see ur review of the apple pore set though

LauraLeia said...

Nicole: Thank you~ ^^ I think you prefer lipsticks more than gloss, right? XD

Isabel: Thanks! Maybe you can try the yellow (Banana) one. That one leans more peach and looks more natural. :D

Leimun: Thank you~ ^^ I also usually don't go out with such bright lips. XD I applied a bit too much during my first few applications, hence the more vibrant shade. :)

saltvinegar: It's good to see you back here! XD Thank you so much for dropping by again, hehe. I'm still experimenting with lip products, coz they're my favourite. XD I probably won't be using the apple pore set unless I'm travelling though, coz I already have a fixed routine and products i use at home. =/

LOLOLOLOL I'm getting similar comments from you guys about the colour! XD