Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Launch

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After a small pinch of cuteness with the My Melody 3D mask review, how about a big spoonful of kawaii with Hello Kitty? (。◕‿◕。)

Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty (Limited Edition)
Early in December, I was invited to attend the Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty launch party at GSC Pavilion by blogger kaki Kim. I was glad to have the chance to attend the event, because it turned out to be really fun! :)

I'll let most of the pictures do the talking. :P

There was a special entrance to the event on the 2nd floor of GSC Pavilion, and they even had a Hello Kitty-shaped archway made from balloons.

After collecting our door gifts, we had to take a picture, of course. :P
Kim and I
Our entry wristbands.
First thing we saw was the food table. There were two tables, one on each side of the event area. Even the theme for the food was mainly pink!
Kitty cupcakes, strawberries, popcorn and marshmallows!
Even the fluffy marshmallows were pink!
There were lots of fun activities to do at the event, including manicures, temporary tattoos, makeovers, and hairstyling. They also had a "best dressed"contest ongoing throughout the event, where the winners would win 2 Samsung Hello Kitty phones each! So awesome, right? Too bad I didn't win, haha!

I didn't go for the manicure because I had already did mine at home. =/

This was the temporary airbrush tattoo design that I chose. XD Need to show that I was there at the party, right? :P (It lasted for quite a few days before I rubbed it off with rubbing alcohol.)

Long line of makeover booths
There were at least a dozen makeover booths (pink and adorned with the Hello Kitty logo) on one side of the event area. Many of the guests (including kids) had fun getting their hair and makeup done by the makeup artists. :D I didn't go for the makeup, but I did get my hair styled with braids and a cute ribbon pin. (^_^)

There were also lots of cute, pretty and helpful "Kitty promoters" who were displaying the phones and explaining the details to those who were interested.

Samsung was also generous enough to provide guests with a free screening of "Rise of the Guardians" in 3D! It was a really awesome movie, and we even got popcorn and drinks!
Bet you've never seen such a cute popcorn box
It was a really fun and memorable afternoon at the launch party, and I got to meet many other bloggers there too! :)

Awesome photo 'tree' at the event.
Thank you so much to Kim for inviting me to be her +1 at the event, and also to Samsung for hosting such an amazing and kawaii party! I really enjoyed myself there, and I hope there'll be more like this in the future. :P

Before I end this, I'll let you take a peep at what was in the goodie bag. IT'S SO PINK! 

*Note: Kim and I are sharing photos, so you might see some of the same pictures on her blog too. :)


Camy said...

gosh! why so cute?!

LauraLeia said...

Camy: IKR! I think Samsung did a great job organizing this pretty pink event! :D

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Ahleessa said...

What a cute event! I love Hello Kitty. :)

LauraLeia said...

Angeline: My exact reaction when I saw the party! XD

Ahleessa: It was indeed one of the cutest ever! :)