Hair Update

♫ TVXQ - Trick

If you've read my post about my pink + purple dip dye about 2 months back, you'll probably know that I loved it to bits. I literally wore only white, black and sometimes blue/green shirts the whole time that I had it so that the pink would stand out.

Unfortunately, last week I was forced persuaded by my parents to dye over the pink dye with a plain old boring brown shade because I was going for a job interview, and that it would seem more... prudent to show up with 'normal' hair colour. ^^;;

So here's the end result: shorter hair (I decided to lop off the super dry ends, since it was doomed anyway) and boring ole' brownish-red ends. T____T I MISS MY PINK HAIR SO MUCH /sobs

Before & After
If all goes well, I am definitely going back for another round of dip dye. No kidding.

Okay, signing out now. Going for the BBW Book Sale 2012 preview tomorrow! :D


Camy said...

hot colour! :D looking good!

LauraLeia said...

Camy: NO MORE PINK TIPS T_____T I can feel myself getting bored whenever I look in the mirror now T_____T

Kim said...

aww yeah that's too bad >.< I love the pink part on the ends too <33

Joey said...

Awww I miss it, too. You looked really cool with it. It's okay, once you nab the job, dye it pink again! haha
Any luck with job-hunting so far?