Blanc to Noir - Your Online Makeup Store

What is Blanc to Noir?
Blanc to Noir is a USA-based online makeup store which carries a good range of affordable drugstore makeup products and brands. All your beauty needs can be met within the convenience of a one-stop, one-click, fun online shopping experience at Blanc to Nour. Their trained and friendly Blanc to Noir staff are sure to help you through a trustworthy, credible, and effective shopping experience. I cannot agree more, as my queries have always been replied promptly and efficiently by their customer service. :)

Why should I shop at Blanc to Noir?
Blanc to Noir offers a great variety of affordable beauty products, cosmetics and beauty tools. Brands available include Rimmel London, Sally Hansen, NYX Cosmetics, Revlon, Maybelline, and L'Oréal. Best of all, many of the products are available at discounted prices, sometimes up to 70%!

Source: Tumblr
The inspiration behind Blanc to Noir is...?
Blanc to Noir is inspired by the true beauty and just love makeup! As their name suggests, anything from 'blanc' (white) to 'noir' (black) and every colour in between can be used to inspire you and your makeup creations. So for all of you out there saying: “K'aime le maquillage!”, “Amo maquiagem!”, “Me encanta el maquillaje y cosméticos!”; “I love makeup!”, "我爱化妆!”, remember to keep a look out for their promotions and discounts! Don’t forget to join the Blanc to Noir e-newsletter for extra discounts and promotions.


Ahleessa said...

I have never heard of this store, but I need to check it out. Thank you! :)

Thank you for always for checking out my blog. I realized I never followed you. My apologies!

Anne Lee said...

I haven't touched any of their products yet and I dunno where to grab this.

Camy said...

thanks for sharing! :D

LauraLeia said...

Ahleessa: Thank you for always leaving such lovely comments, and also for following my blog! :D

Anne: It's an online store based in USA, so you'll need a credit card to shop from them, haha :)

HerYuan: You're welcome! ^^ Thank you for always dropping by and commenting. <3