Review: Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream

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I can never get enough of Korean cosmetics. They're effective, affordable (usually), come in the cutest packaging ever, and are usually endorsed by famous Korean artists. Good job, Tony Moly, for choosing JYJ as your ambassadors and thus earning you a bunch of money from fangirls like me. (。-_-。)
Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream
Anyway, I decided to jump on the CC (which stands for 'color change') cream bandwagon and try out the Tony Moly Luminous Aura CC Cream with SPF30 PA++. I bought it online via Qoo10 Malaysia, and my order - which included 2 free samples - arrived safely within 2 weeks. Not bad, considering that I opted for free shipping. (¬‿¬)
Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream SPF30 PA++
The packaging for this CC cream (50ml) is a simple white plastic bottle with a black cap, and the words "Pure Aura" embossed in silver on the surface. The bottle, although made from plastic, feels very sturdy and the cap also closes firmly so you don't have to worry about it accidentally falling off.
Pump dispenser for Tony Moly CC Cream
The CC cream bottle comes with a pump dispenser, which is my preferred packaging for all liquid/cream products. It's more hygienic, and  you can control the amount you want to use.
You can see how the cream changes colour in the photos below.
Cream adapts to skin tone! (Pic taken from official source)
Swatches before and after blending
The CC cream (before blending) is a white colour with tiny micro-capsules. Once blended out, the cream adapts to your natural skin colour, giving your skin a natural dewy finish. This CC cream claims to have 7-in-1 effects, which are sunscreen + whitening + wrinkle repair + radiance + moisture + primer + base make-up. Sounds pretty amazing, right?
Cheek: before and after comparison
Above is the before and after comparison photo. My skin looks less dry and skin tone is also slightly evened out after application, although the blemishes are still quite obvious. The main difference I can feel is the moisture - it really does have good moisturizing effect, so I'd definitely recommend this for those with dry skin, but those with oily skin might have to stay away, or at least skip the moisturizer step. =/

SPF30 PA++
One thing I love about this CC cream is that it has SPF30! C'mon, we all know that UV rays are harmful to our precious skin, so any makeup products that have UV protection are always a welcome addition. :D

This is after I've added concealer, foundation and setting powder ^^;;
To be honest, I expected this CC cream to provide more coverage, so I was kinda disappointed to discover that it works more like a base/primer. Nevertheless, I like that it has SPF30, and it does work to moisturize skin and even out skin tone, so I can just touch up some concealer and compact powder on days that I don't feel like going all out with makeup. On good skin days, the fact that the cream blends effortlessly with my skin tone means that I don't have to put on any extra foundation or BB cream.

Here's the TV ad for your viewing pleasure:
*거짓말 gojitmal = lies; you're lying.
These guys are so cute and funny together I can't even- *cough* (Ahem, gotta keep my fangirling in check; we're doing a review here!) 
I purchased the Tony Moly Luminous Aura Pure CC Cream (50ml) online via Qoo10 for RM48, although the price may vary at physical stores. You can check out the Tonymoly Malaysia Facebook page for updates on their latest arrivals and promotions.

✓ Pros: Very moisturizing, has SPF30, works well as makeup base, cream adapts to skin colour, smoothens and evens out skin tone, affordable price, pump-type dispenser, endorsed by JYJ and therefore legit.
✗ Cons: Very minimal coverage, not recommended for oily skin.


little miss smexy said...

Ooo, it's obvious that your skin looks more radiant after application! I'm not into CC, still a old fashioned person who likes foundation :P

BB cream is fine but I'm still not convinced with CC cream :D

LauraLeia said...

Nicoel: Haha, thank you! The full face photo is actually after I've applied concealer, BB cream and setting powder *disclaimer* because the CC cream actually works more like a base. I guess I'll have to try a few other CC creams to see if they have better coverage. XD

Beautiful Things (Angie) said...

This cream and brand is totally new to me. Where can i get it ? Would love to give it a try :)

Chuen said...

Coverage is quite light but love the healthy glow it gives! shall try it out someday :)

Isabel said...

sure looks good for dry skin! but the weather is so hot nowww

LauraLeia said...

Angie: Aaahhh so sorry! I replied here before but I think the comment got swallowed up by Blogger lllorz You can find Tony Moly at Sg Wang near Giant supermarket. :D

Chuen: Yes, the coverage is pretty sheer but it's great as a primer. :)

Isabel: 90% of the time I wish I lived in a country with colder climate lol XD But this CC cream works ok for me in our weather too. :)

Mizu said...

Nice review!Though people liked this cc cream so much, it still did not captured my attention and idk why..haha

LauraLeia said...

Mizu: Hehe, thanks! I think everybody has different preferences/skin type, so it's not surprising. XD