August Favourites: Accessories

♫ 東方神起 (Tohoshinki) - Scream

Hello, everybody! We're well into the first week of September already. Gosh, it won't be long before Halloween and Christmas. (◎ー◎;) Today I want to share with you some of my favourite accessories from August. The one thing that has never changed - and never will - is my watch, which I wear whenever I head out the door.

iPhone Casing
Cute rainbow unicorn and snow white casings!
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Yes, I consider my iPhone casings an accessory. (⌒_⌒;) These two casings were purchased from a recent Taobao spree, and I'm glad I did because they are absolutely so much cuter than in the photos shown! I posted a picture of them on my Instagram when I received them, and most of my friends preferred the rainbow unicorn design, but I personally ♥ ♥ ♥ the Snow White one because 1. it's super kawaii 2. I've never seen this design sold around here 3. the detail and quality are great! Notice that all 7 dwarves are labeled and illustrated according to their personalities. :D

I wear my watch on the left wrist, so all my armcandy goes to the right hand, lol.
Neon wing bangle
Neon wing bangle
Laura and winged stuff - it never ends, does it? Nope. 
Anyway, these were also purchased from the Taobao spree along with the phone casings. I'm not one for neon stuff, but these were too cool to not get them, and the open-mouthed design makes it easy to slip on. They look great layered over each other or just worn alone too!

Rooftop Prince inspired charm bracelet
If you've watched Rooftop Prince, then this bracelet should look familiar to you. (¬‿¬) I received this from ClothingLoves, but the clasp was broken (and the quality was meh) when it arrived and they never replied my emails, so I had to make some DIY changes to save it. At least it turned out okay.

Pink charm bracelet
Another bracelet I DIY-modified. I bought this bracelet for RM 3 from a shop in Ikano last year, but didn't wear it. (I have another one in white.) Recently, I decided to give it new life (lol) by adding the wing charm and threading a length of pink suede cord that I cut from the inspired bracelet (above) through the chain. Voila! It looked very much nicer indeed. :D

Cute wing earrings
Remember these? They're my go-to pair of earrings when I'm trying to save 10 seconds of putting on ear studs, lol. Hooked earrings are awesome.

Spiky ear studs
On days when I do have that extra 10 seconds, I put these on. I love them. They go perfectly well with my white denim vest and  studded ankle boots. (★‿★)My precioussss......

Studded bow ring from Forever 21
Technically this ring isn't an August favourite because I only bought it last weekend, but I foresee getting a lot of wear out of it. I mean, it's a bow with a stud in the middle - the perfect representation of my outfits (girly and studded) lately!

Before I wrap up this post, just for fun, if I'm living in a temperate climate country where wearing gloves wouldn't make you look like a weirdo, I would so totally get this cute pair of gloves. It's leather! And bows! And studs! *foams at the mouth* WANT.

That's all for today! Share with me what are your favourite accessories, and don't forget to join my Hada Labo hand cream giveaway (Malaysia only)! 。◕‿◕。


little miss smexy said...

Looks like someone is back to blogsphere hehe... i love your haul, you have that funky and cute vibe :)

Camy said...

i like ur casinggg!

LauraLeia said...

Nicole: Yes, I am back! :D (Well, I wasn't actually away, I was just... uninspired. lol)

HerYuan: Thank you! :D Which one do you like more, hehe? XD

Isabel said...

foams at your mouth LOL WTF

Henry Tan said...

ohmy the wing bangle very niceee!

Hilda Milda™ said...

The rainbow unicorn casing is just too cute!

M.May said...

I love all the accessories you've picked up! Especially the neon wing bangles!! I want!! XD


Jerine said...

OMG!!! the unicorn case is sooooo cute! But i dont use iphone :(

LauraLeia said...


Henry: Thank you! :D

Hilda: It's adorable! XD

May: Aww thank you! :)

Jerine: Using iPhone is pretty dangerous because you keep collecting more and more cases, lol~ >_<

Fione said...

I love your phone casing :DDD

Fione said...

I want it all!!! HEhehe anyway I have something similar like your pink bracelet ...:D

Ahleessa said...

Oh mi goodness the phone cases are so adorable!!! I really love the Little Pony one. :)

Unknown said...

Awesome accessories! I feel like I hardly wear accessories D:

fashgrace said...

awwh! i like the bracelet the most! it's so nice!

Gillian Ong said...

oh no.. i can never resist unicorns!!!! <3 are you a leather fan like me? :p

Gillian.O <3

Shayne ♥ said...

aw cute angel wings earrings :D

Safdar Ali said...

Everything awesome. I love that iPhone case so much. Thanks for sharing. en ucuz iphone 5