Review: Topshop Lipstick in "Straight Ace"

♫ Zedd - Clarity (cover by Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Schneider)

A few weeks back, I was out having some retail therapy with Sarah and picked up this lippie on a whim at Topshop because it was on sale the purple shade looked interesting.
How interesting? Read on to find out!(^∀^)

To be honest, this is my first ever Topshop lipstick, because somehow Topshop's lipsticks never really called out to me. Sure, the regular packaging is pretty, cute and quirky, but the shades weren't all that special enough to warrant me buying one at full price.

Topshop lipstick in "Straight Ace"
On to today's star, this lipstick is from one of Topshop's mini collections called The Make Up Edit, and the one I have here is "Straight Ace", a bright purple shade. ∑(O_O;) I personally refer to it as Barney purple, lol.
The lipstick comes in a transparent plastic box with polka dot patterns and the ingredients list printed on the side, while the lipstick itself is housed in a silver tube with a transparent cover. The lipstick shade is also displayed at the base of the tube.

A little search on Google revealed that Straight Ace is also available in the normal Topshop lipstick packaging, but the packaging for those in The Make Up Edit collection is mainly silver and transparent. I like it because it's easier to identify the lipstick shade.

Swatch of Straight Ace on arm
The deep purple colour may look scary in the tube, but the swatches show up lighter and look much more wearable. In the macro shot above, you can see some slight shimmer, but you can't see it at all when applied. It is definitely a purple lip colour and may seem daunting to wear, but as I tell myself these days "If it looks scary in the tube, just go ombre on the lips". (⌒_⌒;) The lipstick also has a sweet, sort of cupcake-like scent.
Lip swatches - 1 layer & 3 layers
I find that it looks best with 1 layer blended out on the lips to give a soft purplish pink shade. It gets fully opaque at 2-3 layers, which really shows its true purple tone (and makes me look tanner than I am). Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Single layer of Straight Ace blended out on lips
3 layers for full opacity.
Overall, it's a pretty decent lipstick in terms of colour payoff and lasting ability. The formula goes on very smoothly, and aside from the scent which some people may dislike, it feels comfortable, does not dry out the lips and lasts up to 3-4 hours with minimal eating and drinking. If you apply it with a heavy hand, it'll leave a slight stain. Come to think of it, I think this would go really well with my Illamasqua lip duo! (⌒▽⌒)☆

Would you pick up this colour to match the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year? I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)


1 said...

The colour deposit isn't as pigmented as I expected but I'm in to try out a purple lipstick! :D I think it's a fresh change from the usual pink/coral/red ones :)

Jerine said...

OK... this is really not for faint hearted and I am one of them..

LauraLeia said...

Hanie: For this kind of purple shade, it's pigmented enough for me, haha! Yes, I think it would look great mixed with other pinky shades to make a custom colour. :D

Jerine: I also don't dare wear out such a daring colour, lol! That's why I'll only swipe one layer then blend it if I wanna wear it out. XD

cindy said...

eh why the color different when swatch on lip... ermmm i havenot try topshop. makeup too but sometime during sale quitw worth it!

HanaBlurbs said...

I have already owned a purple Revlon Matte Balm already, which is way darker than this. Where oh where did you get this :D

LauraLeia said...

Cindy: The colour doesn't look so scary on the lips, haha! But too opaque also quite scary, so I prefer to use it lightly. :)

Syaza: Topshop! Most outlets still have it in stock (there's a Barbie pink lippie too) so you can still go grab one. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly satisfied my curiosity about this. I like your name for it - Barney Purple - nothing wrong with looking like Barney. He has a lot of friends lol

It's actually surprisingly wearable despite the in-the-tube reservations I had and I think the Revlon Matte Balm is much more Barney on the lip.

I don't know how you do it but I'm so amazed at how well you rock colours, girl! I need to get out of my rosewood comfort zone and live a little. When I grow up I wanna be just like you ;)


It looks lovely! I thought it would give a more purple-bluish tone but it still looks great! :D

Anonymous said...

OOoooh purple! I've always wanted to try a purple lip, but I've been too comfortable in my comfort zone! =D
I own only red lipsticks exclusively, but I think I need some purple barney love! I'll be sure to swatch this during my next outing..Thanks for the review hun =)

HanaBlurbs said...

Ah, if only Topshop is only at the end of the grasp in my hand :D

Mizu said...

This color!!You look great with this! I love that it is not completely purple but have a bit if pink tint to it :D

SASYACHI said...

the color is so pretty *_*

Olga said...

it is a bit scary in the bullet, but it looks lovely on your lips!

Unknown said...

Oh, nice color! But I'm so afraid of using these different colors e_e, I mainly stick with red and pink.

Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

Unknown said...

The color is so unusual but I love it! ^^

❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

LauraLeia said...

ShopGirl: Thank you so much for the compliment(S)! ^_^ I think I need to check out the Revlon Matte Balm now just to compare the texture and colour, haha~ I'm usually more of a pink lip girl, but sometimes you just feel the need to switch it up a little. XD

PEACHY PINK SISTERS: Thank you! Yes, it's surprisingly wearable despite the daunting shade seen from the tube. :)

shasha: Spread the Barney love! XD I normally reach for my pinks too, but this will be a nice change for when I have extra time and effort, lol. :D

Syaza: Aww... Maybe you can ask somebody to get it for you? :)

Mizu: Haha thank you! Yes, I like the effect when worn lightly. I need to work on making it into an ombre lip, lol~

SASYACHI: Yes indeed! ^^

Olga: Thank you! I think that using a light hand on scary shades will make you gradually accustomed to the colour and hopefully able to build it up. :)

Fernanda: It's a lovely colour, but definitely needs some time to get used to. :)

Rinako: Yes, I don't often see purple lipsticks in most brands. :)

Unknown said...

Oh this is such a pretty lipstick! I loooove purple lippies!

Ahleessa said...

I agree I like the single layer over the 3. It's pretty on you!

Sabby Prue said...

it looks so good you! so prettyyyyyy, should I get it? urghhhh :P

Camy said...

wowww! the colour so sexyyy!

Carolyn Tay said...

When did Topshop lipsticks became so cute :D ! Looks more lilac than the sharp purple on the stick :p

The Mad Twins said...

It doesn't sound to bad :D it looks amazing but less purple as I thought it would, but the color really suites you though :D