July 2014 Big Bargain Beauty Haul

♫ B1A4 - 내가 뭐가 돼

Now, who doesn't enjoy retail therapy? Even the most spendthrift of us enjoy it once in a while, and when you manage to score a good bargain, the #AchievementUnlocked feeling is just amazing. Anyhow, let's get on with the haul, most of which I managed to get at a fraction of their original prices. (¬‿¬)

(Warning: Long post with a fair amount of pictures!)

CLIO Warehouse Sale

The distribution company for CLIO (and Peripera) was having a warehouse sales, and when I saw that their Twisturn and Gelpresso eyeliners were going for 70% off, I could hardly stop myself from screaming in front of the laptop screen.

  • CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner #10 Deep Sea Blue - RM 13.80 (Retail RM 45.90)
  • CLIO Waterproof Turnliner Twisturn #03 Brown Earth - RM 18.90 (Retail RM 62.90)
There were only 4 shades for the Gelpresso, so I only chose the blue. As for the Twisturn liner, they had all 8 shades, but I only picked up the brown. Now I'm kinda kicking myself for only getting one. T_T

  • Skin Factory Ampoule Mask - RM 2.00 each (Retail RM 8-10)
Bought 2 of these ampoule masks from Skin Factory to try since it was recommended by the staff there. They contain an impressive 30ml of ampoule essence. My friend bought 10 while I picked up the last 2 pieces.

SaSa Warehouse Sale

SaSa was having their warehouse sale, so my friend and I wanted to go there to stock up on facial masks and also see if we could pick up anything else. Obviously, we succeeded - and without breaking the bank! (๑>◡<๑)
  • SaSaTinnie Rose Hip Oil Tightening & Rejuvenating Silky Mask (10pcs) - RM 10 (Retail RM 26.90)
Never tried this before, but I couldn't resist buying it since it was so cheap and had rose in it lol. Plus it's made in Taiwan, and the expiry date is in late 2016.

  • Color Combos Antioxidant Facial Sheet Mask x2 - RM 1.00 each (Retail RM 4.90)
  • Color Combos Nourishing Facial Sheet Mask x2 - RM 1.00 each (Retail RM 4.90)
  • SaSaTinnie Intensive Sparkling Water Eye Mask (contains 3 pairs) - RM 1.00 (Retail RM4.90)
  • SaSaTinnie Aqua Boost Moisturizing Eye Mask (contains 3 pairs) - RM 1.00 (Retail RM4.90)
The oatmeal masks looked pretty okay, so I grabbed 2 of each variant. Didn't plan to pick up the eye masks, but after noticing that each pack had 3 pairs, I decided to buy them to try out.

  •  Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips #02 Hide and Peek - RM 20 (Retail RM 39.90)
Tried these out once before for a review, but they're too pricey to purchase at full price. (⌒_⌒;) Love the lace design for this!

  • CandyDoll Cheek Color (old packaging) Strawberry Pink - RM 10 (Retail RM 59.00)
  • CandyDoll Lip Gloss (new packaging) Cotton Candy - RM 10 (Retail RM 48.00)
 Cute CandyDoll blusher and lip gloss? TAKE MY MONEY! Super happy to have managed to nab the new series lip gloss at RM10 ♥ (even though I hardly ever use lip gloss these days lol).

Other Makeup Gets

Majolica Majorca Water Cologne Nails
Did a quick round at Watson's and spotted these new Majolica Majorca Water Cologne Nails (RM 12.90) on the shelf. Had a mental struggle in-store trying to decide which colours to get and finally decided on the green and blue. They are amazing because they actually smell nice, with a faint cologne scent (hence the name) during and after application, not to mention fairly opaque in 1 coat.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms
Of course, I couldn't just ignore the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion at Guardian for selected makeup items. Finally managed to track down the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm (RM 32.90) in #210 Unapologetic at The Curve, and picked up #245 Audacious with it. Loving the texture and pigmentation so far, but still not a fan of the minty scent.

Bourjois' top 3 best sellers
Finally collected my Instagram contest prize from Bourjois at Sunway Pyramid, which consisted of their 3 best-selling items. I'm excited to try out the highly-raved Healthy Mix foundation, and I'm loving the Little Round Pot blush. Coincidentally, I received the Rouge Edition lipstick in shade #17, which is the one I had been eyeing since visiting their store last month. (。⌒∇⌒)。

Assorted Accessories

Unique dangle/stud earrings from Bonita
You know you really want it when you keep thinking of it every time you pass by the store. Saw this pair of unique earrings (RM 19.50 after discount) a while back when out shopping with Sarah but didn't buy it. It was on 50% discount again this week, and the rest is history. (◡‿◡✿)

Sweet lilac handbag with gold charms (comes with a long strap too!)
Detail on clock-print bag
Ever since I found out that the PGMall website had some really cute bags at affordable prices, I just couldn't help but browse it almost every day. Also doesn't help that they have a "2 for RM38/48" daily promotion. The lilac handbag with gold charms (RM 45.00) was my first purchase this month, and it's a nice change from my usual casual sling bags. The dusty pink clock-print sling bag (RM 19.00) I just couldn't resist, since it was on a 2 for RM38 offer (shared with my friend). Both bags are of pretty good quality, very roomy and have the signature PGMall inner lining, which I personally love. 

Dusty green platform heels with bow and lace detail
You must be thinking "Another pair of heels?!" In my defence, these platform heels with bow and lace detail were too cute (look at them!) and cheap (RM 25) to pass up! Also, they were a gift from my fairy godmother while we were at the mall taking a breather from work, so I'm not feeling so guilty about adding them to my haul post. ψ(`∇´)ψ

Anna Sui-inspired makeup organizers
Bought these Anna Sui-inspired makeup organizers (RM 5 each) from Daiso. Love the girly floral design, and they're really sturdy to boot! I already have one which I use to put my lipsticks/lip products; the size and height is just nice. :)

Hello Kitty x Tokidoki from Shell Select stores
Last but not least, my Hello Kitty x Tokidoki collection from Shell is now halfway completed! (Thanks to my bros; one of them got the Unicorno at first try wtf o_o)

Phew! That sure is a lot of stuff, eh? Luckily I managed to save quite a lot from the warehouse sales and discount promotions. Did you manage to catch any of the warehouse sales or discovered any good deals over the weekend? Do share! (◕‿◕✿)


lashesandstrokes said...

LOVE YOUR HAULLLL! I dare not post up my haul.. #indenial

LauraLeia said...

Sarah: Thank you~~ :D But Y U NO post ur haul? :(

Mieza Everdeen said...

I am terribly jealous of your haul especially those CLIO products, the lilac handbag and the Revlon matte balms. I cant go out during guardian sale period, I am in Melaka when all awesome warehouse sales took place in KL. wuuuuu (T_T)

LauraLeia said...

Mieza: I totally understand your pain! We can go weeks without anything to do, and then suddenly there's a weekend when you're away/busy and then miss out on ALL the good stuff, which all happen on the same day/weekend! >_< It's okay, they'll probably have another warehouse sale near the year end? :) *fingers crossed*

Shireen L. Platt said...

Eeekkk! I didn't know Bourjois is finally in Malaysia! OMG! Shopping time! YAY!

Miriam said...

Awww.. you went to the Clio warehouse sale? Wanted to go too!! But too bad working and super busy period :( I went for the bonita/tiamo/elianto sale though.. haha

Anonymous said...

Love your pretty & kawaii haul!

I actually missed both warehouse sales...don't know what got into me...sadness :(

Hope to see you around in some of of these beauties, babe.

Sakuranko said...

Oh my gosh this is a bit and gorgeous haul! First i love it the shades of the nail polish is very cute both! The handbag is so perfect and kawaii And well the Clio eyeliner looks amazing!
Now I´m exciting by read your upcoming reviews!
The blush from candydoll is so lovely~ *w*

Lovely post!

The Baker said...

Love your haul! Super bummed that I missed all of these sales! :(
Love the Clio Twisturn eyeliner. :)

LauraLeia said...

Shireen: They've been opened at Sunway since last month, and they'll be available at selected Watson's! :D

Miriam: I wasn't sure whether I'd be in time to catch it, since they were only open for about 4 hours each day during their clearance, but luck was on my side. :)

ShopGirl: Hehe thank you! Aww... The SaSa one was pretty good if you're looking for masks/skincare. Will definitely be taking them for a spin... after I finish taking photos for review! XD

Sakuranko: Thank you! :) I'm super excited to try them out too. So many new things to play with, haha~

Nadia: Thank you~! Aww... It's too bad, but don't worry, I think they usually have these warehouse sales twice a year. :)

Prianca said...

Great picks dear. Loved the handbag and makeup organizer the most. Amazing :-)

Fairy said...

wow I really want this bags ... but the site don't delivery overseas >(

Bijin Blair said...

Oh yes, you should have gotten more. RM 18.90 is an unbelievable price!

LauraLeia said...

Belle Femme: Thank you! I love the bag too; it's very roomy. ;)

Nathalia: Aww... Maybe you can try searching around on Taobao instead?

Blair: IKR! Kinda kicking myself now hahaha but tbh I already have more liners than I can use up, lol