Went To The Bathroom, Missed 3 Goals #BrazilvsGermany

Well, not really. Only missed the first goal because we got the wrong channel. (¬_¬)

Just need a little break from my regular beauty posts because I cannot contain my #feels about the Brazil vs Germany semi-finals match just now.

a.k.a massacre
The last time I blogged about anything German and/or football-related was 4 years ago.

This was literally the most amazing yet excruciating World Cup match I've ever seen. Germany basically did a blitzkrieg on Brazil and it was FUN PAINFUL jaw-dropping to watch. (Spain, you are now no longer the butt of FIFA World Cup 2014 jokes. Congratulations.)

One thing's for sure, it was...

The amount of jokes, memes and snarky remarks arising on social media due to this legendary match is enough to provide material for a very, very long time.


Happy walker said...

too bad brazil lost~

crackpot_honey said...

So did not expect that!! I mean who did.. Incredible.
It was 10pm to midnight in Germany when it was aired, and rainy, so no neighbours were ouside watching in their gardens like in other matches, otherwise I'm sure it would have been a very.. loud evening ^^ I definitely had a great time watching! <3

LauraLeia said...

Happy Walker: Yeah >< It was such a shocking game!

crackpot honey: Indeed! I think everybody who watched it had their mouths open in shock. Over here, people (we) stay up to watch the match if it's at 12 midnight, or sleep a while and wake up at 3am/4am just to watch. XD