Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Artisan Brush Introduction + Workshop

I admit, I'm not much of a makeup brush person. I prefer using my fingers to apply my base makeup i.e. foundation, BB cream, CC cream, concealer, etc. However, after attending the Artisan Brush workshop at the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Pro Boutique @ Sephora Starhill, I am now convinced that I need to start investing in some good brushes, as they not only help to save time and money, but also provide a smoother and faster makeup application.

Eunice introducing us to MUFE and the Artisan Brushes
We got to play with all these fluffy babies at the workshop! (。⌒∇⌒)。
What better brush(es), then, than the ones from MUFE's latest and most extensive Artisan Brush range? :) With 75 brushes to choose from, you'll definitely have one (or 10) to meet your beauty needs!

  • Signature design, premium craftsmanship
    Exclusively hand-made by highly qualified specialists, with 25 different production steps. Every brush is subjected to 50 quality checks before they can be sold internationally. Each brush is a unique creation combining a multitude of features, making each brush one of a kind.
  • 75 customized creations by Dany & make-up artists
    Tapered, trapeze, square, fan, flared, round, pointy and angled - the 75 brushes come in assorted shapes and sizes to cater to every make-up need and more.
  • 100% engineered fibers for skin comfort
    Dany specifically chose exclusive bi-color fibers for the brush head to give it a signature MUFE look. The brush bristles are sculpted and positioned with great care, to ensure that softness and performance of each bristle is maintained.
  • Ultra-resistant & humidity-proof
    Made of a brass base with a 3 top-coating consisting of nickel with gun metail lacquer and a transparent protection varnish, the gun metal ferrule is highly resistant to collision and can withstand humidity, making it a perfect tool that can last forever.
  • Environmentally friendly with eco-certified wood
    The dark brown beech wood brush handle is one of the most resistant and environmentally friendly wood types, with ecolabel delivered by the Forest Scholarship Council. It contains natural qualitative grain aspects that preserve the longevity.
  • A unique 2-in-1 accessory
    Besides being a makeup brush, the unique beveled tip is designed to collect, mix and adjust make-up textures.

Why Brushes (And Not Fingers?)

  • Precision
    Unlike fingers, brushes can distribute products on your face/skin more evenly.
  • Coverage
    With brushes, you can control the amount of products and build as needed.
  • Buff & Blend
    Achieve a smoother and more natural long-lasting look with brushes. You can reach inner corners around the eyes and nose more easily too!
  • Save Time, Save $$
    Using fingers actually wastes more product, because you are swiping it away and not blending it! It is a lot easier to blend textures with brushes without making a mess (and causing wastage).
Here's a comparison between applying makeup using the Artisan Brushes vs fingers. It may not look too obvious on Joyce (our model for the day), but the side using brushes to apply base + eyes + lip makeup was definitely more polished, precise and smoother compared to the side using fingers.

Artisan Brushes vs fingers

100% Engineered Fibers, 0% Natural Hair

The engineered fibers for this incredible brush collection is the result of modern advancements in technology to improve performance, as well as to meet the global needs of a society concerned with animal welfare. The MUFE Artisan Brushes come in 3 different types of bristles:
  • Straight - Generous, precise application for better coverage
  • Wavy - Light, more blended application for a softer, diffused look
  • Straight & Wavy - Combination of both
(I didn't realize the straight-bristled brush had been used before I swatched T_T)

The MUFE Artisan Brushes are also number-coded to enable easy identification of brush types:
  • 1 - Complexion/Face 
  • 2 - Eyes
  • 3 - Lips
  • 4 - Artistic/Body (usually for pro use)

While Eunice was demonstrating the use of the Artisan Brushes on the model, we bloggers also had fun applying makeup using our fingers as well as the Artisan Brushes to compare the differences. Indeed, the difference was subtle yet noticeable, especially up-close. The brushes definitely give a smoother, softly diffused look compared to fingers, which may turn up patchy and streaky when not blended properly. Using the brushes also allowed us to reach and cover hard to reach spots like the inner corners of the eyes and nose - something that we can never achieve properly by just using fingers.

Not brush-related, but I am in love with the MUFE Aqua Liners now

Prices range from RM37 to RM235 for the Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes, and are available at Sephora KLCC, Sephora Starhill, Sephora Paradigm Mall, Sephora Sunway Pyramid, Sephora Gurney Paragon, Sephora NU Sentral, Sephora Queensbay Mall and Penang Gurney Plaza. 

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Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow. so much to learn about the brush. yeah.. beginner and lazy one... :D

Shireen L. Platt said...

Oh no, why did I click on this post? Now I MUST go and check this out and I know I will be purchasing some of these brushes to add into my collection. Hubby dearest will not be too happy about this. Haha!

Happy walker said...

Supported !!!

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LauraLeia said...

Sherry: Haha~ Same here, I don't know much about brushes so it was quite an educational workshop. :P

Shireen: Hahaha! Well, consider them an investment, maybe? XD

Happy Walker: Thank you for dropping by! ^^