Review: CANMAKE Perfect Black Eyeliner

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Hello hello! It's been a while since my last update, huh? (๑>︵<๑) No worries, I'm back, and with a whole bunch of updates/reviews lined up to share with you! (≧∇≦)

CANMAKE Perfect Black Eyeliner
First up, is this Perfect Black Eyeliner from Japanese brand Canmake. To elaborate slightly further, it's a felt-tip liquid eyeliner in the shade 'Strong Black' (as printed on the box). I've previously reviewed a similar brown eyeliner by Canmake, so I was curious to see how this one would fare.

CANMAKE Perfect Black Eyeliner
Compared to the pretty outer box, the eyeliner pen itself looks very simple; a sleek black body with the words CANMAKE Perfect BLACK Eyeliner printed in silvery pink along its side.

Felt-tip eyeliner
As mentioned earlier, it is a felt-tip liquid eyeliner. The felt-tip is fairly standard, and is flexible yet firm enough for you to draw flicks for the cat eye/winged look, as well as control the thickness of the drawn line.

Different ways to line your eyes
There are illustrations on the side of the box showing you several different ways of lining your eyes using the Perfect Black Eyeliner. :) Now, for the swatch and water test.

Swatch and water test
From the swatches, you can see that it is really pigmented in one swipe, but you can also layer it to build up opacity and draw thicker lines. It also dries very fast, and does not budge when you rub it. However, it didn't fare too well in the water test. A couple of swipes using a wet tissue managed to smudge/remove the swatches on my hand, although it did leave a slightly green-tinged stain that was quite difficult to remove.
So... Pigmented? Yes. Waterproof? Not really.

As you can see in the collage below, I've attempted (more or less) the four eyeliner styles as shown on the box. Despite not being waterproof, I think it works very well as an upper lid liner due its opacity and ease of use. Just don't use it on your waterline/lower lashline, unless you want to be a panda. (⌒_⌒;)

Click for larger image
You can draw a variety of eyeliner styles according the look you're going for. My favourite is the winged, which is really easy to do, and makes my eyes look larger and more awake. The round eyeliner with half lower lashline is nice too, for that sweet and natural look. 

What can I say? Even though it's neither waterproof nor smudge-proof (which makes it totally unsuitable for the waterline), I still quite like it because it's a very pigmented black eyeliner and is easy to use. It only takes me a less than half a minute to draw a simple round eyeliner for both eyes (winged ones take more time, lol), and lasts pretty much the whole day with minimal fading, provided I don't sweat and rub my eyes.

✓ Pros: Pigmented, easy to use, dries fast.
✗ Cons: Not waterproof.

~ CANMAKE Malaysia ~

*PR sample. This item was sent to me by Canmake Malaysia for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


Unknown said...

Cute! This review is perfect and I love the collage. I think I might just try this liner myself. ^__^

LauraLeia said...

Bambi: Thank you! :D You should definitely try it. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute eyeliner, I love how the packaging gives you eyeliner styles! I'm in need of a new liner so...this one might be on my list to try out haha