Review: Solone Gel-Like Smoody Eye Pencil in #09 Turquoise

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You'll be seeing a few more eyeliner reviews from me, so brace yourselves! :P

Solone Gel-Like Smoody Eye Pencil
I discovered this little beauty during my recent Beauty Expo visit, and was totally blown away when I swatched it on my hand there.

Solone Gel-Like Smoody Eye Pencil in #09 Turquoise
It's called Gel-Like Smoody Eye Pencil by Taiwanese cosmetics brand Solone. The shade I'm reviewing here is #09 Turquoise 孔雀绿, which is my faovurite, although I did pick up two more shades in my haul. Regarding the name, I think it's supposed to be 'smoothie', although the Chinese name for the product is 慕斯 which literally means 'mousse'. Just some minor details I noticed, which does not affect the product in any way.

Solone Gel-Like Smoody Eye Pencil in #09 Turquoise
Zumba says Hi!
The eyeliner is packaged into a colour coded box, with the name of the product and other details printed on the sides and back. The eyeliner itself is a fairly standard double-ended pencil, with one end being the eyeliner and the other end a sponge-tip for you to smudge it out, if desired.

Pencil-end vs Sponge-tip end
One of the major downsides of this otherwise amazing eyeliner is that it is NOT retractable. You'll have to sharpen it with a pencil sharpener once the tip is worn down, and you know how much I dislike the mess and wastage that entails. (๑>︵<๑)
No matter. The main point is to show you how awesomely pretty this eyeliner is!

Click for larger clear image
See what I mean?! Okay, so you probably think 'Hey, it doesn't look turquoise!' and yes, that's exactly what I thought. Shade name discrepancy aside, the Solone Gel-Like Smoody Eye Pencil in #09 Turquoise is a beautiful dark turquoise shade which leans slightly more green and has a vibrant golden sheen. I have honestly never seen such a unique and pretty eyeliner shade before; it was definitely love at first swatch! (Also, I straightaway thought of Sarah, who loves green/gold things even more than I do!)

In terms of pigmentation, I do not hesitate to say that it is excellent. A single line like the one in the swatch above is what you get with one swipe. It has a very smooth and creamy texture that glides easily onto the lids without tugging. It does set rather quickly, and once it does, it doesn't budge even if you rub it. This also means that you have to work very very quickly if you want to smudge it with the sponge-tip; I personally don't bother (⌒_⌒;) because I like it the way it is. The dark turquoise stays put but gold shimmer tends to transfer a bit onto the lashes.

For this look, I used the Solone eyeliner together with Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes, Sleek blusher and Peripera lipstick, with a quick base of Etude House Any Cushion and Dolly Wink loose powder.

✓ Pros: Pigmented, smooth creamy texture, waterproof, sets quickly, smudge-proof (once it sets), affordable price, large variety of shades.
✗ Cons: Non-retractable (have to sharpen), gold shimmer tends to transfer to lashes, sets too quickly to smudge.

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Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful peacock shade.
I love it on you, Laura.
I really should move beyond black sometimes and I think coloured liner works better for hooded lids like mine than eyeshadow, perhaps!
By the way, I love. love, love your brows. Can I have them?