Review: OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch

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OXY has introduced yet another cool innovation for acne sufferers – a hassle-free Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch that effectively fights pimples with a clever disguise.

OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch
OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch is made with medical grade hydrocolloid dressing that can effectively absorb oil and pus inside pimples like a sponge, which helps to enhance pimple recovery. Its double action formula (Anti-bacterial + Absorbs Oil) works to effectively fight pimples, giving you faster results. With OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch, you can instantly cover up that unsightly pimple while at the same time helping to inhibit bacteria infection and prevent blemishes.

The ultra-thin design of 0.03cm is translucent and close to the skin color, which makes it blend into skin and is barely noticeable. The patches - 26 in a pack - come in 3 sizes (0.8cm, 1.0cm and 1.2cm) to cater to different pimple sizes. Each pack also includes a mini tweezer for you to easily pick up and apply the patch. Trust me, the tweezers are really handy, because the patches are quite thin, and using your fingernails to pick them up from the sheet could prove to be difficult, not to mention ruin the patch. (⌒_⌒;)

Thin and translucent patches that blend into your skin
Ultra thin 0.03cm patches
A strong adhesion with waterproof and sweat-proof formula ensures that the patch will remain in place and create a barrier from our ‘itchy’ fingers or dirt from the surroundings which could possibly lead to further infection. It also comes with UV protection that prevents the sun’s UV from aggravating the inflamed acne.

I have only tried before the Nexcare acne patches, and while they were quite effective, they were rather thick and felt uncomfortable on the skin, as well as looking very noticeable. I was very pleasantly surprised by how thin the OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch was, and quite impressed by how it managed to stay in place until the next morning when I removed it. Below are the before/after results of using a patch on an acne spot overnight. I've spared you the gory details (or rather, pics) of the pus that oozed out after I removed the patch. After wiping it off, you can see from the last picture that the spot is now much clearer. (◑‿◐)

Before/After using OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch

The OXY Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide and priced at RM13.90 for a pack of 26 pieces consisting of 3 different sized patches.

*PR sample. This item was sent to me by OXY Malaysia for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.


Beverly Tam said...

Been using the Nexcare Acne patch for years now and good to see other brands starting to come out with their own acne patch too! Best thing ever invented!

Ahleessa said...

Oh wow, this would be great for those time of the months when unexpected zits come for me... hehe~

LauraLeia said...

Beverly: IKR! They're so handy, especially for overnight fixes; with the messiness of the original OXY (in the tube). Love that it's very thin yet manages to stay in place.

Ahleessa: Yup! I always get them at the hard to reach places on my nose :( This acne patch is super handy and great even for traveling emergencies, haha!