Luxola Beauty Haul (March 2015)

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Happy Easter Friday!! (๑>◡<๑)
I've never celebrated Easter before, but have always been fascinated by all the pretty pastel decorations and yummy chocolate that's always around during this time. Anyway, celebrations aside, if you've been following my Facebook page, you'll probably have noticed the sneak peeks of my recent Luxola purchases.

Last week, Luxola had a 4-hour flash sale event with 40% off during the first hour (excluding certain brands). The newsletter had been sent out a day earlier to email subscribers, so I grabbed the chance to update my wishlist, plan my shopping strategy and wait for the discount code and sale hour.

Since I had been planning to get a brush for contouring, I decided to split my Luxola haul into 2 orders, as Zoeva brushes were non-discountable items. My split orders were also partly due to the fact that you could choose 2 free gifts/samples with every order, and it was just my luck that the GWPs last week were NCLAHello Kitty Christmas edition nail stickers.

NCLAHello Kitty Christmas edition nail stickers
So, I placed an order for the Zoeva brush one day before the sale, and chose 2 sets of the nail stickers as my free gift. The next night, I loaded up my shopping cart with my purchase and another 2 GWPs, waited for the discount code to arrive in my inbox, and quickly checked out my cart before the site started jamming up. (¬‿¬) #win

Part 1 of my Luxola haul arrived very quickly. The very next day, in fact.

I purchased the Zoeva 110 Face Shape contouring brush, after reading the reviews on Luxola and comparing the price to other brush brands. The free gifts I chose were the NCLA Hello Kitty nail stickers in 'Holiday' and 'Tis The Season'.

Zoeva 110 Face Shape contour brush
The bristles are dense enough to pick up powder products, yet soft enough to blend out any harsh lines during contouring. I've been using it only for bronzer (hence the not-so-white brush, lol) but so far it's been a pleasure to use. Admittedly, I'm still trying my hand at it, and definitely need more practice.

My order for Part 2 was placed just a few after the sale started, but the delivery took exactly a week to arrive. (・_・;) I was actually kinda worried that it had got lost or something.

I was super happy to see that my HG Seche Vite top coat had been restocked on the day of the sale, so I kept it in my shopping cart, along with 2 other nail sticker sets, and waited for the sale to start. In order to qualify for free shipping (RM40 and above), I bought 2 bottles. The 2 bottles of Seche Vite, 2 nail sticker GWPs and a Luxola tote bag amounted to less than RM45 after 40% discount. ψ(`∇´)ψ

The NCLA Hello Kitty nail stickers that I picked for my second order was 'Snow Day' and 'Candy Stripes'. I quite like the Luxola tote bag too - Keep Calm and Wear Lipstick is something I can definitely live by, haha!

Considering that the nail stickers are selling for $18 on the NCLA website, getting 2 of them with each purchase is a total steal. Each set also includes a super kawaii Hello Kitty nail file. (✿>◡<✿)

Nail file included in the NCLA Hello Kitty nail sticker set(s)
Did you manage to grab anything from last week's Luxola flash sale? Please link me, as I enjoy looking at other people's haul posts! :D


Anonymous said...

Lovely little haul, Laura. Smart shopping here too. You're right, the Hello Kitty nail stickers were an awesome GWP. I have five sets now!
I could feel my heart stop when my PayPal screen froze up with an error message during my purchase but I was lucky it eventually went through! Scary or what!

Unknown said...

Hehe! I also split my order into 2 parts and get 4 different hello kitty nail stickers! :)

Michelle Tang said...

Those Hello Kitty nail stickers look great. :)I haven't tried any nail stickers that fully cover the nails yet, so it would be great if you review them.

LauraLeia said...

ShopGirl: Haha yeah with the GST here need to maximis every cent we have! (And grab all the Hello Kitty! :3) Yeah, those few minutes during checkout was so scary, it was like 'oh my god please go through please don't hang' LOL

Sherlyn: Yay! :D Need to make it count, hahaha! *high 5*

Michelle: I've actually tried them, and they're not bad. Very thin and stretchable, so they'll definitely fit nicely. ^^