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After a long streak of reviewing and using Korean makeup, I figured it was time to get back to my blogging roots of Japanese beauty products - and by that I mean Kosé skincare, Dolly Wink eyeliner, Hada Labo toners, Majolica blushers and Canmake eyeshadows. Thankfully, the discovery of a new Japanese cosmetics online store helped to remind me of the minor, but very important, fact that my love of makeup originated from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Kirei Station (綺麗ステーション) is an online store based in Yokohama, Japan that offers Japanese cosmetics, health and skincare products at competitive prices. (綺麗 kirei means pretty or beautiful in Japanese.) The website itself is fairly new, as it was only started earlier this year, and currently has over 400 products for sale. You can find products from familiar brands including Kosé Esprique, DejaVu, Kiss Me, Canmake, Candy Doll and Shiseido Aqualabel, along with brands not available in Malaysia such as Kosé Visee, Kosé Hadakiwami, Elixir Superieur, NOV, Kikumasamune, Albion, Shiseido Ibuki, Shiseido D Program, Shiseido Haku and Japan Gal. They also have a good selection of collagen supplements, which are extremely popular in Japan.

Kirei Station main page + product category menu
All products view
Oh, did I mention that they also carry Les Merveilleuses de Laduree makeup?! I was literally drooling in front of my laptop when I saw their update. (º﹃º)

*adds everything to Wish List*
The super nice folks at Kirei Station were kind enough to send me some products to review, which not only gave me the opportunity to explore their website, but also to gauge their customer service and product delivery efficiency.

My first impression of the website was that it looked rather plain (no custom logo), but the tabs/categories were clearly displayed, making it easy to navigate. The Shopping Guide and Terms & Conditions sections were straight to the point and easily understood, while the products were well-sorted into their respective categories. I also like how there was a Manager's Diary section to feature recommended items. Although their items don't look like much, trust me when I say that there were enough choices for me to spend some time deciding which products to pick. :P As for shipping, Kirei Station uses Japan Post (EMS or regular Air Mail depending on the option you choose during checkout); my parcel was sent via EMS and arrived safely within a week.

Japan Post EMS ftw!
Kirei Station ships worldwide, and the shipping charges are really quite affordable, since it's shipped directly from Japan. I highly recommend opting for EMS (especially if you're placing an order with multiple items), as it's faster and includes a tracking number. Regular air mail is the cheaper delivery option, and should be fairly reliable albeit slightly slower. Check out the shipping cost list below:

Worldwide shipping costs for Kirei Station
You must be curious to know exactly which items I chose, so here they are:

FANCL Washing Powder II Moist (link)
I started my first proper skincare routine with Kosé Sekkisei's powder cleanser and really liked it, so I chose this Fancl powder cleanser to try. I like powder cleansers because they lather up easily and are convenient to carry around for travel - no hassle with liquids!

FANCL Washing Powder II Moist
Kosé Visee CC Watery Foundation (link)
Is it a CC cream? Or is it a foundation? From the name, I got the impression that it would function more like a sheer foundation. I couldn't find any reviews of this particular product online, so I decided to take the plunge and pick one in a shade that *hopefully* matched my skintone. Which shade did I pick? How did it fare? Well, you'll just have to wait for my review! ;)

Kosé Visee CC Watery Foundation
Kosé Esprique Rich Fondue Rouge (link)
You know I'm a lipstick fiend, so of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get my hands on this beautiful Esprique lipstick. The shade I chose is PK860, a lovely everyday pink with very fine shimmer. Can't wait to share my review of it with you guys! :D

Kosé Esprique Rich Fondue Rouge

Are you tempted to check out Kirei Station yet? (๑>◡<๑) Head over to their website to browse for products, and visit their Facebook page to get updates on the latest arrivals and best-selling products in Japan. Stay tuned for my reviews of the items mentioned above! (。✪‿✪。)


cindy said...

that lipstick is so pretty...droolssss..

Jenny said...

I really like Japanese makeup, but it's so hard to find a good seller online o.o I don't like to buy my stuff on ebay... Thanks for sharing this website! I will definitely check them out c: Plus, I can't wait for your reviews!!

Bijin Blair said...

OMG is this what heaven looks like?! 😍

Pssst, does the Visee foundation come in a glass bottle?

Lizzie Bee said...

Thanks so much for sharing this site! I've been wanting to try Japanese & Korean cosmetics for aaaages!