Welcome to LauraLeia.com!


I finally got my own domain!

My inner voice is rolling its eyes and saying "About time."

Anyway, it's finally done, and I'm proud to announce that www.lauraleia.com is now up and running!

What took me so long to get a .com?
Procrastination. I probably should've gotten it back when I was still actively blogging and attending events, but at that time I simply didn't see the need to put money into getting a domain, and didn't have the resources to do so.

Why lauraleia.com?
Well, at this point, it's pretty obvious to me. Creating a brand name is important, and like it or not, the name LauraLeia has stuck with me for a pretty long time now. Might as well make good use of it. ;)

Why now?
To be honest, I decided to get this domain mainly because...
  • of kiasu-ism - what if somebody took my domain name?!
  • I wanted to revive my blogging activities and share my interests with others
  • it would help me discover another technical aspect of blogging and websites (blogging taught me basic HTML skills, haha)
  • it's the next step to building my own personal writing portfolio

I know it's pretty basic and all, but to me, it's enough (for now). Thanks for sticking around even through the long hiatus, and I hope you'll enjoy the posts to come. 

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HanaBlurbs said...

Congrats on your blog revamp!