Review: 3CE Pot Lip in #RED and #CORAL


I've always been a sucker for roses, so even though I'm not a huge fan of potted lip balms, this 3CE Pot Lip range was calling out to me ever since it was released.

Luckily for me, I managed to catch 3CE's worldwide free shipping event about a month ago, and these (tiny) babies arrived from Korea within a week. (EMS shipping is awesome, you guys.)

Out of the five "roses" available, I picked Coral and Red - mainly because the colours looked nice on the model. The other three shades are Tinted Pink, Brick Red and Mint Care. (They remind me of this Daiso Rose Jewelry Lip and the Anna Sui collections from several years ago.)

(Source: Stylenanda)

I'll admit, I was rather surprised at the small size of the 3CE Lip Pots, which were barely bigger than a (old) Malaysian 50-cent coin, and just slightly thicker than a contact lens case. Great for popping into a bag, but also easily misplaced. 😅

Each flip-lid pot contains 0.7g of tinted lip balm, and comes with a tiny mirror on the inside. It's alright in a pinch, but you'll have to hold it pretty far away to actually see your lips properly, which makes it kinda useless, to be honest.

Did I mention my dislike for potted lip balms? It's messy and unhygienic, and this one is no different. The balm is very emollient - simply swirl your finger around the surface a few times to pick up the product, and dab it on your lips. Coral is a very subtle colour, feels slightly more moisturising and gives a glossier shine to the lips, but in terms of pigmentation, Red wins hands down - it's like a stronger dose of Benetint in balm form. You could probably use it as a blusher too.

5 layers of #CORAL vs 2 layers of #RED
3CE Pot Lip in #RED
The Verdict?
At US$4 (approx RM17) each direct from Stylenanda Korea - not including shipping - they're pretty affordable, and make a cute little addition to your makeup collection, but if you're just looking for a tinted lip balm, there are plenty of cheaper and more convenient options at the pharmacy.

My personal favourite is definitely #RED because it's pigmented enough so it doesn't require using up like 10% of product each time, and leaves a nice tint of colour on the lips even after fading a few hours later. I must say, these 3CE Pot Lips do make pretty photo props though! 😆

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