Review: Mistine Maxi Black Liquid Eyeliner

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You know what I like? Eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner.

After years of swearing by Japanese eyeliners, I think I might have found their match - at a much more affordable price point to boot.

This is the Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner, which I purchased during a company trip to Thailand last year (September 2016). Mistine is one of Thailand's best-selling cosmetic brands, and their products are easily found in most shops that sell skincare and makeup. I honestly can't remember how much I paid for this, but it was around 200 baht (approx RM25) if I remember correctly.

I only took it out to use now (almost a year later) because I'd finally gone through several other liquid eyeliners and decided to pick this one from my stash. And boy, am I glad I did!

The pen itself is fairly lightweight, and is the 'shake if you feel the ink isn't coming out' type (lol). The sleek mirror-finish pen makes it easily recognisable, but the best - and most important - part is the brush tip that has just the right amount of firmness and flexibility to draw precise lines and wings.

Just look at the pigmentation of this baby! One stroke is enough to deliver a jet black line that dries quickly and stays on all day. You can see from the rub test that it does fade a little, but honestly, you shouldn't be rubbing at your eye(liner) that hard anyway. 😝 I was really impressed even at first use, because application was a total breeze, and I could easily draw a smooth line with a flick at the end.

Eyeliner game still strong even after 11 hours! 😱
This right here is 11 (eleven!) hours after I applied my makeup, and you can see that my eyeliner is still pretty much intact even though my T-zone has been steadily oiling up. Granted, I did not sweat much that day as I was mostly in an air-conditioned environment, but I can safely say that I got the same results after another full day (more than 10 hours) outside with no touch-ups.

The quality - in terms of pigmentation, longevity, design, and texture - is on par with many of my favourite Japanese liquid eyeliners, and at less than half the price, I'm pretty sure I need to stock up on this. If you're headed to Bangkok (or any major city in Thailand), I highly recommend getting this Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner for yourself, or a friend. 😉

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