Lancôme Loves Colours!

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Yesterday I was at Pavilion KL to attend a blogger experience event by Lancôme, which JQ had invited me to join. It was the first day of the "Lancôme Loves Colours" roadshow, which will be held from 18th - 24th July at the Pavilion Concourse area.

Their roadshow decor is so in-trend with the current colour block fashion right now!

The session was scheduled to start at 2pm, but we were early so they gave us a skin analysis while waiting. :) The analysis results? I have normal combination type skin, with some pigmentation and fine lines (gasp!) problems. >_<

We also went around to snap photos of the roadshow and some outfit inspirations by Jaspal.

Guess which is my fave outfit there? :P
When the event organizers arrived, each blogger was given a goodie bag and a press release with information about the roadshow and products.

Goodie bags!
Once everybody was assembled, the introductory session started. Jess volunteered to be the model for the demonstration and makeover. ^_^

First of all was the "2 Minute Aura" touch-up process, which consists of 3 products. It is recommended to put a small amount of the product on the back of your hand to heat it up, blend it and then gently pat it onto your face.

3 steps for 2 Minute Aura!

Step 1: Lancôme Genifique - this serum helps to restore your skin to its natural youthful state. It can aid in evening skin tone, improve texture and gives you that much sought-after healthy radiant glow.
Step 2: Lancôme UV Expert (SPF 50) - as the name shows, it is a sunblock. It is BB based, meaning that it is (slightly) tinted and will blend in with all skin tones. An important step in our skincare and makeup regime!
Step 3: Lancôme Teint Miracle - the finishing touch of this 3-step process. It is an ultra lightweight foundation that gives you a naturally flawless complexion. 

The best thing about the 2 Minute Aura is that besides giving you that inner radiant glow, you can use it before OR after doing your makeup! That's why it's called a touch-up process. :P 

Zam showing us the 2 Minute Aura process, and the super kawaii Limited Edition lipgloss!

Jess' makeover :)

See the mascara he's using? It's the Hypnôse Precious Cells mascara, which can help regenerate stronger lashes, dramatically magnify volume and increase length of our eyelashes. I will do a review later on this product once I have used it a few times. :)

After that, the rest of us went to have our own mini makeovers.

Thanks to Alicia for the great makeover! ♥
Love the pink eyeshadow and white shimmer. There's a bit of blue too, but it's not very visible.

The makeup still looking good even after 6 hours (without any touch-ups)!
As you can see, my lashes are not very long and tend to slant downwards. The mascara definitely helped add volume and some length to them, but I have to really use an eyelash curler on a daily basis to make them look nicer (which I am too lazy to do every day T_T).

Did I mention that all of us also got a free photo after our makeovers? :) We grabbed the colourful Sereni & Shentel headbands and posed for the camera.

Me and JQ.
Jess and I.
My photo ♥
These are the items from their Love Colours range. I particularly love the pink and blue palettes. :D

You can join in the fun too! This Lancôme Loves Colours roadshow is ongoing at Pavilion Concourse until 24th July, where you can get a free eye makeover and instant photo! After that they will have a Trésor In Love Anniversary event at Suria KLCC from 23rd - 31st July. There are lots of prizes to be won, including 2 tickets to Paris, France!

Click image to view details. ^^
Click image for details.

Big thanks to Lancôme for giving us this fun opportunity to try out their items! :) Also thanks to JQ for inviting me to the event. ^^ One last pic before I end this post. :P

Have a lovely, colourful day! :)


Sunshine Kelly said...

love yr eyes makeup & yr pendant rocks!

michellesnoopy said...

gahhh~ love Lancome! >.<

chiwayu said...

I miss makeovers XDXD
They make u gets excited and give surprise for a different you~XDXD
jealous of you having fun in such events~ =w=

Jessying said...

Love your makeover pictures! Nice meeting you that day !!!

p/s: Ur violet contact lens awesome !