My Precious......

♫ 五月天 - OAOA

......Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection!

Finally got my hands on this much-raved limited edition eyeshadow collection from Urban Decay! It's my first ever product from UD (forgive me, primer potion, but this is limited edition; I'll buy you and Naked later) and I think it's a great first purchase. ;)

Still unopened, tee hee!
The box is very solid + heavy because it's made from gunmetal(?) and has some seriously reflective issues going on. That does make it a fingerprint magnet, as most of the reviews point out, and makes it pretty hard to photograph. It features a faceted purple jewel “UD” on the cover, which is a statement all by itself. The engraved filigree pattern on the box cover's side is just so awesomely pretty, and the purple velvet box is super plush! You can remove the eyeshadow plate when you've finished up all the eyeshadows (I can't even imagine that) and use the velvet box as a jewelry/trinket box.

That's all from me today. I won't be doing any swatches or reviews on this, as there are way more and better blogs out there who've already done it. :) If you're interested in how the eyeshadows look, I recommend Temptalia's post (it's split into 2 parts, so you know it's gonna be in-depth).