Review: Daiso Rose Jewelry Lip

Phew, it seems like a while since I've posted anything. Been down with a bad cough the past week, and now that it has receded, I feel a flu coming to take its place thanks to the erratically cold weather. >_<

Anyway, I was at the mall on Saturday to buy some essentials, and dropped by Daiso to see if there was anything new. The first thing that caught my attention was this display of super cute rose design lip glosses, which immediately reminded me of those from Anna Sui. There were 5 colours (I think) available, but I was attracted by two of them. Couldn't decide which colour to pick, so I grabbed both. :P

Soft Scarlet and Happy Pink
I figured I could choose later at home, and leave the other one for my swap. :) Well, the one I chose to open for myself is the Soft Scarlet. It's a slightly darker pink compared to the Happy Pink

Cannot resist. It's pink, rose, and bling all in one!
Opened up, it looks like this.
(Click image to enlarge)
The side with the rose design is actually the bottom of the lip gloss pot. When you take it out from the packaging, there's a transparent cover over the top, which you replace with the jewel cover. It's slightly larger than a 50sen coin, so carrying it around won't be too much hassle. The only problem is, it can get quite messy if you apply the lip gloss on with your fingers. The instructions suggest you apply it using a lip brush.

Jewel on one side, rose on the other. ♥
For the swatch, I just used my finger to swipe a bit of the product onto the back of my hand.

The texture of the lip gloss is smooth and not at all sticky. It is a sheer red gloss with gold shimmer, so I would suggest applying this over a lipstick, unless you're going for a subtle lip colour. :)

This Rose Lip Jewelry was purchased at Daiso 1Utama (New Wing). Besides scarlet and pink, it also comes in red, orange and nude.

✓ Pros: Cheap, cute design, comes in a variety of colours, texture is smooth and non-sticky.
✗ Cons: Sheer, not for those who dislike shimmery/glittery glosses, messy to apply with fingers, not very long lasting.


Jessying said...

packaging looks cute too!! would look out for this next time !

Reanaclaire said...

Beautiful.. you got that in Daiso? My girl will love this...

Kiki's Land said...

it's cute and cheap :)

Kiki's Land said...

its cheap n cute :)

Mandarin 1 2 3 said...

wow, I should go to daiso and buy it ! xD So small but cute !

Anonymous said...

super cuutee! i like the lip shade!!

tiffany_keep_going said...

it looks so cute ;);)