The Body Shop L.E. Nail Colour in Twinkling Pink

♫ Joe Hisaishi - One Summer Day

You all probably know by now that I'm a sucker for anything pink. Today I have a lovely pink nail polish to share with you. :) As you might have seen from the title above, it's The Body Shop's limited edition nail colour in the shade 02 Twinkling Pink.

This nail polish is a part of The Body Shop Christmas 2010 collection, which includes 2 glittery nail polishes - Starry Night (black) and Twinkling Pink (pink). I first saw them around Christmas in 2010, and totally loved the colour when I tested it out at the store. However, I was extremely reluctant to fork out RM22 for a 5ml bottle, considering the fact it had so little product and there weren't any other TBS nail polishes to compare with. Luck was with me a few weeks later though, because I got  a RM20 rebate from a gift purchase, so I quickly went back to The Body Shop and snapped up this jewel for only RM2! *grins*

I am really glad I picked up this colour, because it's absolutely beautiful. ♥ See the photos below to find out why. :P

In the photos above, I only applied 1 coat of Twinkling Pink (along with a top coat). 2 coats would make it completely opaque, but I as you can see from the first photo, it covers well enough with just a little bit of the nail line visible. I'm afraid the colour in the photos is a bit off though; it's actually closer to the first 2 photos, maybe a bit darker.

Why I love this particular nail polish? The colour is gorgeous, and unlike the other nail polishes I own. It's a soft pretty pink with fine shimmery glass flecks, which in some lights make it look sort of metallic. Application is a breeze too, as the formula is smooth and even, plus - if you don't mind a bit of VNL - it covers really nicely in 1 coat. (Also helps me save the nail polish; it is only 5ml and limited edition, after all.) A lot of people like pink but shy away from Barbie-esque pink shades, so I think this kind of pink would be perfect. It's girly sweet and subtly edgy at the same time.

Would you rock this nail colour? :)

I have the other TBS nail polish, 01 Starry Night, which is black with uneven silver glass fleck glitter, but that will be a post for another day.


Camy said...

the pink is lovely!

Unknown said...

Very pretty shade of pink, but I would have to layer it...I hate a visible nail line, lol >.<

LauraLeia said...

Camy: Thank you~ ^^

Jenna: I can totally understand your peeve with VNL! XD If it wasn't limited edition and so hard to find, I would probably put on 2 coats too.

little miss smexy said...

I duno where did you have the money to buy the products and buat reviews. JEALOUS SIAA >____<

nice nail colours :D

Isaac Tan said...

Thank you for dropping by my humble blog ya :)

and my, those are really pretty fingernails you have there.. Girls can never get enough of these right? :)

LauraLeia said...

Nicole: Save money and eat at home whenever I can! HAHAHAHA XD

Isaac: You're welcome, and thanks for dropping by as well! :D Yup, we girls can never get enough of bags/shoes/clothes/makeup etc etc. lol Because retail therapy is awesome.

Qi Wen said...

I love this! I'm a nail polish freak as well, that's why the title deviates me here :D

Unknown said...

So pretty! I am very intrigued by the black one~

caro xin said...

oh the pink so lovely but i not so into pink... haven try the body shop nail polish before will get one and try it soon :0

LauraLeia said...

Qi Wen: It's great to know a fellow nail polish lover! :D Thanks for dropping by! :)

Nancy: I can see it's totally your style, more than the pink one here. XD Might do a post on the black one soon. :)

Caro: I'm not sure if they have nail polish besides this one, but if you do find any, do share them on your blog! :D

Sandra said...

It's so pretty!

LauraLeia said...

Sandra: Thanks dear :)