The Body Shop L. E. Nail Colour in Starry Night

♫ 刘力扬 - 手放开

As promised, a post about the other The Body Shop nail colour from my stash. :) Last time around, I blogged about the pink one, Twinkling Pink, which was released in the same Christmas 2010 collection. This time, I'll show you what the black one looks like.

L: 01 Starry Night; R: 02 Twinkling Pink

To be honest, I've never actually worn black nail polish out before, even though I have about 3 different shades of it in my stash. I'd apply it at home, take a second look, and promptly remove it 5 minutes later. This time around, I decided to trim my nails really short, and found that it's true: black nail polish really does look better on short nails!

From the bottle, you can see that it's chock full of silver glitter. Unfortunately, I think that most of it is stuck to the sides. There isn't that much glitter when I painted it on my nails. :(

Artificial light
I applied 2 coats out of habit, although 1 coat is pretty much opaque by itself. Like Twinkling Pink, the formula for this was really good - not too thick, and has a smooth finish despite the glitter. With top coat, this lasted about 5 days without chipping.

The only bad thing about this nail polish is that it's limited edition, so it might quite difficult to find. However, there are so many similar shades out there, so if you like this one, I'm pretty sure you can find it easily. If not, you can always buy a plain black polish and add the silver glitter. :P


x-Fatalove said...
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Camy said...

i din know body shop actually sell nail polish. nice one anyway :D

Charlie said...

you make me wanna own starry night >.<

PATSY said...

those are really great nail the color..≧^◡^≦